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    traction control fail

    I don't know how you expect us to trouble shoot your issue when you've given up pretty much no information. Have a local auto parts place scan your truck and see what codes are present.
  2. Alpha X

    Project Angry Orange

    Wow, that engine bay photo looks like it was taken on the showroom floor.
  3. Alpha X

    AC OFF without ENG HOT

    Has the truck been in mud recently and it's still in the condenser and radiator, and/or it splashed into the airbox and it's on the air filter, causing a restriction in air flow?
  4. Alpha X

    Hummer EV Fail

    If these guys didn't profit from clickbait, I'd probably give them more credibility.
  5. Alpha X

    You've never seen this H2 modification before...

    I came across a most unusual Hummer H2 and thought I'd share a few photos. This H2 has been modified to be a rolling starting gate for harness racing at Northville Downs horse track in Northville, Michigan. The starting gate unfolds from the H2 as the horses line up side by side. I believe...
  6. Alpha X

    H3 ok how about changing out the dog 5 cylinder to the v8

    I'm sorry, I don't have an info about the CE's. I have a 2010 H3T Alpha. The X being the roman numeral for 10, as in my 2010.
  7. Alpha X

    H3 ok how about changing out the dog 5 cylinder to the v8

    You really should consider incorporating some punctuation. Maybe capitalization. Call me old school. It makes whatever thought you are sharing a little more enjoyable for us to read, versus a non-stop run-on sentence that may or may not end when the letters stop.
  8. Alpha X

    2009 H3 3.7 heat shield #12619751

    There has got to be junk yards in the southern part of the US where these are still intact on H3's. I don't know if they are the same and/or similar to the Colorado version, but it might be worth a look.
  9. Alpha X

    2010 Hummer H3t

    Alpha X submitted a new Showcase Item: 2010 Hummer H3t Read more about this showcase item here...