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  1. EndeavoredH3

    AZ Thanksgiving Weekend

    Finalized plan: Meet up at fireside @ desert ridge 8am Saturday. We’ll be doing backway to crown king. Going in from lake pleasant. Wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, be safe!
  2. EndeavoredH3

    AZ Thanksgiving Weekend

    Update: plan changed to run backway to crown king.
  3. EndeavoredH3

    AZ Thanksgiving Weekend

    Maybe we could set something up before or just after the new year. After this weekend I’d like one more trip before the truck goes under the knife
  4. EndeavoredH3

    AZ Thanksgiving Weekend

    PHR, myself and a couple other HMMWV’s are planning to do box canyon in Florence on Nov 26th. As of right now it’s a loose plan, expecting to be at the trail mid to late morning and having it be a good part of the day. We can convoy or meet at the trail. If anyone’s interested I’ll get a...
  5. EndeavoredH3

    Hand tools for the Hummer

    I’m one to carry too much bs on the trail, working on condensing down essentials as well. Soft rolls for wrenches and such is a great way to go. I’m happy with it.
  6. EndeavoredH3

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Went out to test a coilover conversion we did to a newer rubicon. Man did that improve the ride all around…
  7. EndeavoredH3

    Endeavored H3 Build

    This will be the season of the 14 bolt. Last time around had other commitments that barred me from completion. Actively ordering parts, figuring out tone rings and sensors, and looking toward using eldorado calipers for the parking brake function.This is a newer 14 bolt so nothing will be...
  8. EndeavoredH3

    10bolt front diff tech

    Interesting stuff…
  9. EndeavoredH3

    Sig P365 XMacro

    Sounds like a happy tale so far
  10. EndeavoredH3

    Rear bump stops needed with a Rancho 4" Lift???

    Did reloader add a spacer to be able to use those shocks?
  11. EndeavoredH3

    08 Alpha. Why so hot???!!!

    Pusher fan helped chill my AC a little more in July at stoplights. And wow 128k on a fan clutch, I never got more than 20k out of any clutch.
  12. EndeavoredH3

    08 Alpha. Why so hot???!!!

    I’m using an autozone severe duty clutch. It’s been surprisingly reliable for 2 years now.
  13. EndeavoredH3

    08 Alpha. Why so hot???!!!

    For me, I have the OD 1.25” body lift. So my fan shroud was rotated out of the way (until my fan decided to take it out) and there was the gap on the upper moon of the shroud. Point is, my fan doesn’t draw airflow through the core like it used too. Paired with a severe duty fan clutch I can run...
  14. EndeavoredH3

    H3 value increasing or decreasing in 5-10 years?

    Heard the fan shrouds are basically nonexistent now a days, maybe we’ll jump on making some for the I5 and v8 applications
  15. EndeavoredH3

    H3 value increasing or decreasing in 5-10 years?

    I’m confident the H3 will become the next XJ given some time. Already following down a similar path.
  16. EndeavoredH3

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Temps were the beginnings of good wheeling weather last weekend. Took advantage of it
  17. EndeavoredH3

    Here's a 20,000 mile motor mount

    I put in a set about 15k miles ago and they’re starting to go. Getting vibration in the steering wheel again.
  18. EndeavoredH3

    H3 Windshield Replacement Suggestions

    You aren’t kidding. I keep glass insurance here in AZ.
  19. EndeavoredH3

    06 H3's Squeakin H3 Build

    Looking forward to seeing the 6 speed swap. The H1’s benefits greatly from it. Can only be good news for the H3. First gear 4:1 is awesome.