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  1. Big2dabank

    Where's the Florida people at ?

    I’m still around. Always up for a meetup or wheelin trip. Anxious to get my Rivian and H2 on the same trails soon.
  2. Big2dabank

    CCW Considerations

    I like the Hellcat, but it's a little small and the feel in my hand is not great. Of course most of these micro compacts don't feel great. Looking at the Springfield 1911 Prodigy currently, but with some of the feed problems I am seeing, it has me thinking I should hold off for a while. Anyone...
  3. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    Will do. We still abuse the Hummer so my son and I will hit some trails together in the near future and see how they compare. Interesting how quickly Rivian responds with over the air updates. Kneel mode was on my wish list and I'll be damned if they didn't add that over the air this week...
  4. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    Just over 2,000 miles now and the truck has performed above and beyond my expectations. Completed my recall inspection last week in about 5 minutes and I have to applaud how Rivan handled that. I got an email before the official announcement letting me know what to expect and what they were...
  5. Big2dabank

    Hummer EV Fail

    More money, less problems would be true for a second, third or fourth generation vehicle, but as an early adopter of a new platform you can't be naive to the fact that there will be issues. I have the Rivian R1T and as an early adopter, especially an new EV, I am prepared and expect that there...
  6. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    Delivery yesterday went super smooth, it was raining, so we did not get many good pictures. Drove about 50 miles to get used to the vehicle and every minute was awesome. Exceeded expectations in everyway so far. I'll take some side by side shots next to the Hummer this weekend for size and scale...
  7. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    There have been quite a few Florida Rivian deliveries, I am so anxious to get mine. Delivery day is tomorrow.
  8. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    I got my confirmation last week and signed all of my paperwork. I will be getting my Rivian R1T next week. No pics of the actual truck yet, but here is a screen grab of what my configuration looks like. I'll definitely be keeping the Hummer for a good while longer, it will give me some time to...
  9. Big2dabank

    "Rise And Fall of the Hummer"

    Pretty interesting graphic, thanks for sharing. I wonder how many of those pre-orders will actually turn onto purchases. I know several people that have preorders on EV trucks from Tesla, Rivian, Ford, Chevy and Hummer and depending on which one comes first the others will most likely be canceled.
  10. Big2dabank

    Rezvani Tank

    Yikes that's a new one for me. Crazy looking rig with a crazy price tag.
  11. Big2dabank

    WTS The PIG is officially for sale

    Good luck Zach, I am sure its hard to part with, but at least you have a newer H2 to enjoy. Looks like she is ready for some new dents and dings, lol. I've got just over 300K on my H2 and the old girl is definitely showing her age. Still runs and drives great, just aging gracefully. Had an...
  12. Big2dabank

    EV 4x4 Options 2021-2022

    I haven't posted in a while, but have still been around and check the forum a few times a month. I still drive my 2005 H2 SUT everyday, but the H2 is in desperate need of retirement. I have been holding off on a replacement because quite honestly, it has been nearly impossible to find a truck...
  13. Big2dabank

    Louisiana Floods 2016

    My home town, Gonzales, in Ascension Parish Louisiana was and is still being decimated by the recent flooding events, tens of thousands displaced, homes lost. My wife and I watched from out of state as countless text after text and message after message came pouring in, as we sat helpless and...
  14. Big2dabank

    Hummer H2 Sunroof Seal Replacement

    Anyone have to replace the seal on their H2 sunroof. Mine is leaving so bad around the seal that the drains can't keep up. I removed the sunroof glass this weekend and tried to reseat it per the repair manual, but its still leaking. Its leaking at all four corners of the sunroof and is basically...
  15. Big2dabank

    Tried something new this year to celebrate the new year

    Happy New Year everyone, I have been wanting to build a backyard theater behind my pool for a couple of years and I finally pulled the trigger just in time for our new years eve party. Basically, the day before the party, so I had to put the order together in a hurry, thank you Amazon Prime...
  16. Big2dabank

    Need feedback.. rough idle and hesitation once engines is hot, no codes on DIC.

    Hopefully someone else has experienced this problem. I have a 2005 H2 SUT with 200,000 miles and over the past couple of months, I have noticed that there is slight hesitation on acceleration and the idle is very rough once the engine is hot or has been running for more than 30 mins. It feels...
  17. Big2dabank

    DIY Cart

    I could not figure out what section to post this in, but it is tech related. I started paddle boarding with my two sons and it turned out to be a great workout for balance and coordination to help them with their disabilities. They each have a rare genetic disorder which affects their ability to...
  18. Big2dabank

    H2 Upper and Lower Control Arm Ball Joint Replacement

    I need to replace my ball joints on the upper and lower control arms, so I decided to do something a little different than just replace the entire control arms. I plan on eventually upgrading to heavy duty uppers with with either a uniball or moog problem solver ball joint, but until I make up...
  19. Big2dabank

    Not off road related, but just purchase a 2015 Suburban for the family..

    Just purchased a new 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ for the family. So far I love it, GM hit a home run in my book with the latest changes to this platform. This will be my wife's primary car and I have only been able to drive it for about 20 miles but man this thing is nice. I'll post a few pictures...
  20. Big2dabank

    Kryptonite Upper Control Arms Available for H2.

    Kryptonite Upper Control Arms are available for the H2, if any one is interested. Looks like a rock solid product. I may be ordering a set of these down the road. http://dmaxstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=832