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  1. USMC_315

    Sleeping platform

    Very nice set up. If I hadn't spend both arms and both legs on my canvas tent last year, this is something I'd be REALLY interested in doing. Especially because you don't have to remove the rear seats like a saw a lot of people doing years ago
  2. USMC_315

    Hummer H3 SPOD 4X4 Source LT 6 Rocker Auxiliary Switch System Install

    That would be really cool if I could get some better shots and/or measurements. Unfortunately, I think I'll need this mount fabricated within a couple of weeks. H3 is getting sent off to a shop for just a little bit of work and the SPOD will need to be installed and ready for wiring up the front...
  3. USMC_315

    Hummer H3 SPOD 4X4 Source LT 6 Rocker Auxiliary Switch System Install

    Thanks for the install/walkthrough video Acer! Any chance you'd be willing to make a second mounting plate? I just ordered an spod for my lockers and eventual lightbars, the mounting plate is the only thing I'm having issue with finding though. Obviously they don't make anything for the H3, but...
  4. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    That really depends, to do an SAS with lockers 4speedfunk quoted mid to high teens at his shop a couple of years back. A custom fab shop near me quoted me 14k to do a custom IFS lift (not including locker installs). Whereas getting a Rancho kit, front and rear E-lockers, and then paying for a...
  5. USMC_315

    H3 Gobi Stealth Rack w LED Light Bar Set-Up Questions

    I like the way you mounted the lights in front of the bar. I have the same rack and was looking at doing small individual lights on the actual mounting plate. I'd rather have it mounted in front like yours though so I could do a single bar. I'm thinking of a large bar in the "hybrid" setup (spot...
  6. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    Good luck, took me about 4 years to find one I was actually able to get my hands on. My biggest regret with this vehicle is not buying a new Rancho when they were still selling them, opted for a Gobi rack and small vacation instead. Now it's cost me way more both in money and in headaches lol
  7. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    I've replaced the shocks a couple times over the years, current set is only a year or two old (10-15k miles). Even knowing the offroad ride may be worse, I think I'd prefer a stiffer shock. Do you know what Fox shocks would pair well with a Rancho lift? I can't seem to find what the specs are...
  8. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    No, but I have the OME leaf springs. They sit pretty high up. I've got more rake than stock, even with the torsion bars cranked up to the highest safe position
  9. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    I've ran the 5100's like most folks here recommend for a torsion lift, but whatever came up for the H3 when I searched on 4wheelparts/summit racing is what I bought. I guess the 5100's come in different measurements, didn't know that. Now the question is, do I need a new set for the rear? Or...
  10. USMC_315

    Rancho Lift Questions

    Bumping for a couple of additional questions 1. Will stock H3 diff bushings work with the drop bracket? If not what size do I need to replace old/worn ones... 2. Does anyone what shocks are optimal with a Rancho lift? I'm leaning towards Fox for something more premium and a tad more stiff, but...
  11. USMC_315

    Lased design

    Wow, go figure. I missed it by 4 days. Part of me knew I should've ordered them originally. Thanks for that tutorial, really helped me on the install. I've been wanting to upgrade to those KC's and the fog lamps too, glad I'll have thorough instructions to help
  12. USMC_315

    Air Doc Intakes.com has the Hummer lineup covered

    I'd love to know what HP I'm making to the wheels. Along with getting a professional tune for better performance and a reliable speedo... Unfortunately, nobody within an hours drive of me does dyno tuning for 4wd/awd that aren't subaru's or ricers. Quite annoying. I'm sure there's somebody...
  13. USMC_315

    3/8 Inch Steel Skid Plates - $150

    This is what I get for not staying active on the forum... Is there a possibility you still got em?
  14. USMC_315

    2004 Hummer H1 - Restoration and bringing it back to life

    Meomi and an H1? This guy gets it Seriously though, awesome build. Can't wait to binge your YT videos when I have the time
  15. USMC_315

    Looking desperately for conversion brackets

    I've been waiting on the cargo net clips for a while, as well as the bezels for the headlights. I might just need to order all 3 as soon as they're available since it seems like spotty availability
  16. USMC_315

    Interior Rearview Mirror

    I appreciate it, but it doesn't seem like either of these have the backup camera function...
  17. USMC_315

    Interior Rearview Mirror

    Sure did. Turned out to be the rivnuts the roof rails mount to. There was a post about it on here or another Hummer forum, I checked it after the sunroof had been replaced and was still getting water. Sure enough, my excursions with 200-300 lbs up there while rocking back and forth on climbs did...
  18. USMC_315

    Interior Rearview Mirror

    Howdy gents, I'm trying to find a replacement for the interior mirror. After a while of having leaks and high(ish) humidity levels inside the cabin, the mirror began to deteriorate. It's practically unusable now and the back up camera is 100% useless because it's covered up by so many black...
  19. USMC_315

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Thank you, I'm just now finally getting around to having them installed and wired up in a few weeks haha