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  1. H3nightrod

    WTB Wanted: Rancho Knuckles - H3 4" Lift RS6558

    Hello Hummerluis. By any chance do toot still have the driver side knuckle laying around? Want to sell it?
  2. H3nightrod

    Steering rack play

    Ok so update and parts find. I finally got the H3 to the shop, so far they are telling me the spindle is bent causing the tire to rub on the upper control arm. Also found my rim is bent. I do have the Rancho lift and from what I recall the spindle is also from Rancho. Does anyone have a...
  3. H3nightrod

    H3 Power seat issue - won't move backwards

    I have the same issue occasionally and the same with my mirror .adjustment. If I toggle the switch up or forward then back it usually works. That or tap on the motor lightly while you try to move it backwards. Sorry might not be the fix your looking for.
  4. H3nightrod

    Steering rack play

    Hello everyone I am trying to see if I can get some opinions on how much play in the steering rack is considered too much or steering rack failure. My H3 recently was in small front end collision and my steering wheel is off center and the drivers side tire began to rub on the top control arm...
  5. H3nightrod

    The Hummer Club Inc. 2023 Events List

    Bump Is there a list of how many rigs or groups attending?
  6. H3nightrod

    Emission failure

    Went for a quick ride and found sensor 1 jumps from 0.12V to .8V constantly. I am assuming this is the issue. My guess would be to replace the remaining 3 sensors to avoid further issues. Any other suggestions?
  7. H3nightrod

    Emission failure

    Ok first thanks to everyone chiming in. So I started with drivers side and found the downstream O2 sensor was a Japan after market piece, swapped it for new Denso sensor. The upstream was a Denso brand so left it alone. Right at 100 miles engine light came on again. I only have a FIXD reader...
  8. H3nightrod

    Emission failure

    I’m guessing it was aftermarket and only one side. It’s a good start I’m going to replace both sides with GM and give it another try. Thanks again for the help!!
  9. H3nightrod

    Emission failure

    Hello everyone Well I’m seeking some advice on what to do with current issues on not being able to pass emission test. As of now I have done the following work: engine tune up with new plugs, new exhaust manifold both sides due to leaks, one cat, Evap system, carbon canister, and o2 Sensors...
  10. H3nightrod

    2006 Hummer H3 Issue

    congrats on the 464,000 miles !!! I Hope I’m lucky enough to get that many
  11. H3nightrod

    H3 Rock Sliders

    I’m interested but in Chicago!! Alrock are you going to Windrock 1?
  12. H3nightrod

    The Hummer Club Inc. 2023 Events List

    I have never been to one of these events, but count me in!!! Looking forward to some trail action and few poser shots.
  13. H3nightrod

    The Hummer Club Inc. 2023 Events List

    Thanks for the info!! Anyone heading to Windrock in March or have in the past? I’m looking for info on where to camp or hotels in the area.
  14. H3nightrod

    3/8 Inch Steel Skid Plates - $150

    Hello Schwarttzy Are they still available? Any additional pros or cons compared to stock skids??
  15. H3nightrod

    Please Help. 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha

    I had this issue before. Try this Turn ignition on but don’t start. Select 4H and wait for it to shift. Once it’s in 4H start the truck. I don’t recall if it was in Neutral or in park. Hope this helps.
  16. H3nightrod

    2008 Hummer H3

    H3nightrod submitted a new Showcase Item: 2008 Hummer H3 Read more about this showcase item here...