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  1. Z

    HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Door....has it been done yet?

    along these lines: i'd also started wondering what an "H3 Suburban" would be like... as in making a 3-row SUV out of an H3T.
  2. Z

    I5 Catalytic Converters

    shoot - i didn't think nobody still had a LT header for these. every time i'd looked for one, everybody was out of stock. this colorado one fit right?
  3. Z

    Oil usage observations

    weird that i hadn't come across these discussions over the years. ours is approaching 160k and didn't used to burn but a quart of oil every 5000mi change interval... but ever since we moved up into the mountains last summer - where our road is at the top of a three mile 6% grade @ 4000ft...
  4. Z

    H3 Vehicle Title Delay

    weird. in the last couple years, i've got extended temps from AZ and TX on the last two vehicles we bought when both had title delays. sounds like MI has stupid rules.
  5. Z

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    but you push the hood open toward the windshield...
  6. Z

    H3 Vehicle Title Delay

    just ask the dealer for another temp plate.
  7. Z

    Hole in transmission?

    dang!!! did you make it home alright?! :eek: that's where your transmission fluid drain plug's supposed to be!! okay - not really we've got the same on our 2009 - assuming it's so you can either put a tiny bore scope up there... or to give a place for the fluid to drip out (or...
  8. Z

    Roof Rack Key Pic needed

    somehow miraculously, our Sentry Safe key also works on our cross rails... just a thought.
  9. Z

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    reckon i shoulda mentioned last week's fun in this thread https://hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/threads/stuck-slave-cylinder.15125/#post-248628
  10. Z

    stuck slave cylinder?

    so... if your wife emails you while you're working on the opposite side of the planet saying her clutch lost pressure, and a friend helped her get to a shop who told her they thought the slave was leaking & it'd be $1000 to fix - but you're thinking, "just have her drive your truck 'til you get...
  11. Z

    Sleeping platform

    my bad - i actually meant 9/16 (just over 1/2"). 3/16 would be a bit flimsy!
  12. Z

    stuck slave cylinder?

    without being able to call any dealers, i finally found the Hummer clutch part numbers over on the Colorado/Canyon forum, of all places. the tough part is sifting through the chaff because most companies advertise all Colorado/Canyon/H3 clutches as the same - but they ain't. the 3.7L H3s came...
  13. Z

    Greeting H3T owners

    nice score! while we were looking for my wife's, we came across a really nice 1of50ish 2010 H3T with 5speed, Adventure, & 20-something thousand miles o_O... but she preferred the SUV since i've already got a pickup. take care of her!
  14. Z

    Sleeping platform

    nice job! i'm willing to bet some 3/16" or 1/2" plywood would've done the trick with a lot less weight (for anybody else making one). i've got the same deal for the back floorboard of my dodge 2500, and it makes laying back there pretty nice - i'm sure yours is even better with actual room to...
  15. Z

    stuck slave cylinder?

    of course - it did this again shortly after i deployed a few weeks ago. she's driving my cummins in the meantime, but i'm just gonna drop the trans when i get home & replace the clutch+slave. any recommendations on replacement kits? seems like the larger 08+ part numbers are hard to look up...
  16. Z

    H3 onstar delete

    ps: the Hummer's OnStar won't work now anyway since they deactivated all the 2G, 3G, and non-LTE cell towers last year.
  17. Z

    AC OFF without ENG HOT

    and looking up P0128 sounds like maybe just the thermostat's intermittently stuck open & causing it to not hit normal temp fast enough. ...don't know why that'd lock out the a/c compressor, though
  18. Z

    AC OFF without ENG HOT

    thanks. i might just have to drive it a few days & see what it does for me, but hopefully it's something relatively simple like that.
  19. Z

    H3 ok how about changing out the dog 5 cylinder to the v8

    and then while you're pulling the engine, you may as well forge the bottom end (or find a v8 to go in its place)
  20. Z

    Hyper flash on new blinkers

    the H3 normally blinks so slow that we left it as-is when we changed to LED bulbs a couple years ago. the only difference is that it now blinks slightly faster than other cars' normal turn signal rates - no irregularities or inconsistencies, though.