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  1. Gent

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Hey, what are you using for dual battery management with that system? I’m going to pop one into mine.
  2. Gent

    H3 Interesting fender flares

    I saw this on a Japanese Instagram post. Anyone know the make?
  3. Gent

    H3 Hummer Hidden ARB Twin Compressor Prototype #1 Mount

    Nice. Hey, Eric - want to do a dual battery tray next? Doesn't seem to be any around anymore.
  4. Gent

    Looking desperately for conversion brackets

    Nope, I’m not there yet in my build. I’m aware of the problems you’re facing though, so I’m always researching and bookmarking stuff. I’m still just improving the parts that need replacing. Eventually I’ll get to the lights.
  5. Gent

    lifting the rear of the hummer h3

    Not really sure. I think I read that the OME leafs add 1.5 to 1.75”. The Schwarttzy extended shackles do 1.25” The high clearance leaf spring bolt plate adds about 3/8”. So somewhere between 3.1 and 3.4 inches; I took out the extended shackles though so it’s more like 1.85” high now. Still...
  6. Gent

    Looking desperately for conversion brackets

    Alternative: https://www.ebay.com/itm/325025332323?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=5f2eLGGuQUO&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=bY8gomluQl2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  7. Gent

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    I looked at them because I felt the same way; however, in the trim I'd want it is a lot of dough. Especially for something I'm just going to scratch up. I decided to run the H3 into the ground instead.
  8. Gent

    lifting the rear of the hummer h3

    Late to this thread, but I thought I'd show what I got when I refreshed my suspension. Decided to get OME leafs, the Schwarttzy high clearance u-bolt plate and his shackles (pictured). It was way too high in the rear. The rear view mirror became useless. I ended up taking out the shackles, but...
  9. Gent

    High Output Alternator recommendations

    Well, the alternator crapped out on me the other day just as I was going to do the Whipsaw trail with a bunch of H1, H2 and H3 guys. Major bummer. I'm guessing it was weak and my winching practice gave it a death wobble. I've put in a new OEM one for now.
  10. Gent

    High Output Alternator recommendations

    Hey, thanks for the comprehensive answer! You’re right - 9 times out of ten, I’ve just used a strap to get my buddies out. I’ve been lucky and never gotten stuck yet. I’m going to be doing more solo stuff so that’s why I was looking at beefing up the system. I’ll grab some traction boards. I...
  11. Gent

    High Output Alternator recommendations

    I don’t like the load dipping into the battery. I like to keep the battery fresh n full for starting the SUV. I did a full day recovery course, and it was ok, but you could see the lights dim out when I was pulling heavy loads. I’ve seen some out there, but I’d like to hear reviews.
  12. Gent

    High Output Alternator recommendations

    Hi gang, I have an Warn M8000 winch tucked inside a Defelice winch mount. I've noticed that the Warn dips into the battery under load, and I'd like to get a high output alternator to help with the issue. I've searched the forums, but I haven't seen any posts about this upgrade. Anybody have...
  13. Gent

    H3 Stock fog lamp mounts

    Hi gang, I noticed today one of my fog lights was loose. Upon crawling underneath, it had hopped out of the left pivot point. It still seems like it isn’t properly secured. Is it supposed to have a snap/bolt/something to help retain it? No obvious difference between the sides that I...
  14. Gent

    H3 Using a Hi-lift jack

    Hey gang, I have a 2006 H3 Adventure. I see lots of people have the hi-lift jacks, and there are a bunch of discussions about how to mount the jack on our vehicles; however, I can’t find anyone discussing how they use them on the H3. I’ve seen people talking about using them on aftermarket...
  15. Gent

    H3 2006 H3 NO sunroof, sloshing from rear?

    Hi gang, I've searched for this in a few places without luck, and it may be nothing but I thought I better ask. My new to me 2006 H3 does not have a sunroof. I recently started hearing sloshing - but from the rear. It's not the typical HVAC drain issue. No wet carpets. Definitely from the...
  16. Gent

    H3 Driveshaft CV 2006 H3 replacement

    Hi gang, I recently replaced my front wheel bearing hub assemblies, as they were past due. Once they were finally quiet, I realized that I can now hear the driveshaft cv complaining so I'll be changing that next. My questions for you are if you have recommendations for parts, and if you have...
  17. Gent

    2006 Hummer H3

    Gent submitted a new Showcase Item: 2006 Hummer H3 Read more about this showcase item here...