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  1. Jeeper360

    H3T (09-10) H3T Snugtop question

    i go t this top and it needed a ssh!t load of work all rusted out metal parts and needed all new latches and the rest was missing and has a lot of chips -- i paid to much but just find one
  2. Jeeper360

    Anza Borrego , H3 with trailer.

    THANKS FOR THE POST! I would like to get a trailer out and do the overlanding thing with the wife so i have been looing to video's to see who it works the harder trails i would most likely do a base camp that day. I have see our member with the red h3 overhead tent camper I love his video's...
  3. Jeeper360

    Cgalpha08's build

    "A GOOD HOME ?" I heard that guy stacks rocks and spits on the grass! I bet he pees on trees in the woods also. the world is ending i say ;)
  4. Jeeper360

    H3 SAS power steering cooler.

    MY ROCK TRUCK that was a blazer with a dana 60 cross over would also boil the fluid out with the cooler buy after going to 100% Sinitic no problems and if stayed cool
  5. Jeeper360

    jimmy p's H3 Build

    thank you for this build post. I am enjoying the post please keep us up to date
  6. Jeeper360

    2Dr H3 “Black Rex”

    I like this build keep posting more please
  7. Jeeper360

    axel swap?

    I have been doing a lot of homework the oem 10bolt 30 spline might be stronger. 4speedfunk key in I am planning on getting a lot of this stuff from you!
  8. Jeeper360

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Well in the h3t i got like 3500lbs of pumpkins anyone in NJ I have some for sale ;)
  9. Jeeper360

    axel swap?

    THAT IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR so any full-size axle will work
  10. Jeeper360

    axel swap?

    Looking to start gathering my parts for my solid axle swap. Of course I want to start with building the axle. When looking for my GM Dana 44, what is the desired length flange to flange that I should be looking for?
  11. Jeeper360

    Greeting H3T owners

    NOT MUCH TO ADD but I do have a 2009 alpa with adventure package and welcome to the club
  12. Jeeper360

    Hi Guys!!!!

  13. Jeeper360

    Hummer H3 lift kit - Lets get down to it

    I am in for this and would be on the first group buy but at the cost of $6,500.00 i would start looking at a SAS 3link instead you got to get that cost down. could a lift knuckles for a zr2 be made to work?
  14. Jeeper360

    SAS on a skid....

    hmm got and old pallets laying around ? like this kit
  15. Jeeper360

    Anyone using radar detectors?

    I use https://www.valentine1.com/ it is simple and works with out so many button you cant use it this with ways app is a good combo ( I do a lot of trips just did a trip 1500miles total) and for real info follow this guy https://www.youtube.com/c/VortexRadar/videos
  16. Jeeper360

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    thank you the key lift is dun and i will hold with my p285 for now as i have 90%left on them now
  17. Jeeper360

    Trail Mater?

    I watch all of the one you listed try andrew camarata diesel creek trailrecon
  18. Jeeper360

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    LOOKS GOOD i plan on doing the 23.5 and 1.25 shackles after the family vacation this month. what size tires are in the pic ?