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  1. PbSlinger

    H3 Transfer Case Needed -SoCal

    Had good luck here in December. Montclair. https://transmart4x4.com/
  2. PbSlinger

    eBay H3t Alpha 2010

    With all that is stuck on that thing, why am I surprised that the rear seat nets are also still stuck on?
  3. PbSlinger

    H3T Bed Rail Question

    I'll try those. Thanks.
  4. PbSlinger

    H3T Bed Rail Question

    Sorry if this has been answered, but nothing came up on the search function here. Been looking at the Rago Industries site and their gear mount systems, where the rails are used with a threaded insert in the rail and a mounting plate is attached to it. Question is are our bed rail slots the same...
  5. PbSlinger

    2008 Hummer H3

    PbSlinger submitted a new Showcase Item: 2008 Hummer H3 Read more about this showcase item here...