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  1. reaper

    M1A2 SEPV2 Abrams Heavy Tank

    Good thing the H3 has those Abrams Tank tow hooks.
  2. reaper

    Random Moab trip next week

    Those are just the stock all-terrain tires from Jeep. 33s are relatively small-- I am looking to go to 35s asap, but it needs a small lift first.
  3. reaper

    Moab October 2023 (Solo Trip)

    Oh-- here's where we had to turn around. This is some side road off of Gemini Bridges road, I think it's "the knoll" on Google Maps. Was trying to find camping and took a wrong turn. Anyways, so we came on this 4 foot shelf (the orange one in the back), yeah there was no way around that in a...
  4. reaper

    Moab October 2023 (Solo Trip)

    Gopro recap here (with some AWEFUL background music): https://gopro.com/v/rd5n4avyd1mr4
  5. reaper

    Random Moab trip next week

    trip recap here: https://hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/threads/moab-october-2023-solo-trip.16720/ ! :)
  6. reaper

    Moab October 2023 (Solo Trip)

    I took my son to Moab last week. Broke in our new Gladiator (Rubicon). While impressive for a stock vehicle, it doesn't stand up to the H3 (yet). The departure angle sucks, and without a lift I'm dragging the belly over all sorts of things. But used every bit of sliders on it, and loved the...
  7. reaper

    New to doing this solo

    You're gonna replace the tie rods, ball joints, and control arms all yourself? Wow, props! Impressive. In good news-- the stock tie rods anre't that great on the 06, the ones you replace them with are a bit thicker. You're right about the love/hate thing. :) Mine tried to kill me a few times...
  8. reaper

    Random Moab trip next week

    Thanks! Yeah I'm not planning on anything extreme just time with my son when he's off school.
  9. reaper

    Random Moab trip next week

    Also wondering on any trail recommendations, I'll be driving a stock Gladiator Rubicon (33" tires, no lift). Was thinking Poison Spider for sure, I love that trail. Are Hells and Fins and Things tame enough to go solo? It's been like 10 years since I rolled with you all there.
  10. reaper

    April 2023 Black Sheep Week - Sand Hollow UT

    I haven't wheeled much for a few years so I'm catching up again. I have the CB on my H3-- are we all using GMRS these days? Is a $40 handheld GMRS from Amazon all I need? Is this pretty common for offroading, or just in our group?
  11. reaper

    Random Moab trip next week

    Hey all, anyone want to meetup for a random Moab trip next week (Oct 25-28)? I'm possibly heading there Wed night, adventures Thursday through the weekend.
  12. reaper

    New Toy (Not a Hummer)

    My high school self is jelly.
  13. reaper

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    Oh shoot, and I no longer have dual child seats... only little adults running around (teenagers!)
  14. reaper

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    OMG my life kinda rebooted since I last saw you Alrock (And everyone!!!). Went through a wonderdful divorce, that was fun.... and got married back in 2020. Just kinda getting back into off-roading a bit, and wanted to get to Moab and thought I'd check what our Rockies crew is up to. I also...
  15. reaper

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    Ok it's doubtful, Hurricane is a long ass drive, but it's in the realm of possibility and I'd like to. Let's see!
  16. reaper

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    After a few years off (10???? It's been a WHILE!!!!) I'd like to say I'm tentative for 2024. I've got both a girlie-rig (2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk) and the lifted H3. Would be a first for my wife (yeah that's new too since I've been on here).
  17. reaper

    Transfer case go BOOM

    Driving down the freeway... I hear a rumbling, then a CRACK! And BOOM! ...goes the transfer case. Got this 4 years ago new from @Zach... don't know if it's under warranty or not, but I have a spare unassembled in the garage.
  18. reaper

    I want to replace the TCase shift controls (bypassing the computer)

    Has anyone done this? Any reason not to? I'd like to bypass the computer, so whenever you press the damn buttons, the tcase shifts. I don't want the shifter to ask the computer "if it's okay to shift or not". I just want the f'er to shift! For example, right now I've got an ABS fault and it...
  19. reaper

    H3 Transfer case bound, stuck in 4 low

    Well damn. After a great afternoon just driving to church and driving over a few cars, my transfer case is stuck in 4low and won't shift back to 4high. It just blinks and refuses to shift. I really hate the electronic tcase shifter. It's left me high and dry before when I needed 4low to get...
  20. reaper

    Speed sensors and ABS will block your TCase from shifting

    Good news: I'm back. :) The Hummer was parked for about a year with several things wrong... rebuilt my driveshaft, replaced my exhaust and cracked manifold, and a few other things. The rear wheel speed sensor was out and an ABS fault light was on, PLUS the transfer case wouldn't shift to lock or...