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  1. 650Hawk

    H3 AC Problem, fan blowing hot air...

    26 cent resistor https://hummer4x4offroad.com/forum/threads/climate-control-issue.16584/#post-249687
  2. 650Hawk

    Here we go again...Lol! What is the passenger door switch light bulb style/# ?

    Passenger side is a completely different type bulb, which is entirely what this thread is about.
  3. 650Hawk

    Flex your odometer

    Currently at about 166,000 on my Alpha. Regular oil changes @ 5,000mi intervals, regardless of oil monitor. New OEM Radiator at 145K. Otherwise, nothing to note.
  4. 650Hawk

    Here we go again...Lol! What is the passenger door switch light bulb style/# ?

    I remember running into that problem when I did the LED conversion on my door switches. My driver door lights had burned out, so I swapped in the LEDs. Went to do the passenger door (just so that the color/brightness would match) and found that weird contact/bulb configuration. Never could...
  5. 650Hawk

    H3 Transmission dead?

    The Launch book is awesome; a must have for any H3 enthusiast. I have one in pristine condition; found online brand new when I bought my H3 about 6 years ago. The only downside is that it was published the year prior to the Alpha, so there really isn't any info on that. BTW, if you've ever...
  6. 650Hawk

    H3 I CANNOT Tow apparently

    Your pop-up was 1/3 (or even 1/4) the weight, AND was aerodynamic. Like not towing anything at all. Your current trailer (I think you might be surprised at it's actual weight; likely pushing 4,000lbs) sticks up into the air.
  7. 650Hawk

    H3 I CANNOT Tow apparently

    Maybe I missed it, but what trailer are you towing? Manufacturer's trailer specs are notoriously low; actual weight is typically much higher than the listed dry weights, and you'd be surprised at how fast your camping/food/utinsels/bedding/clothing/etc adds up. Throw in alot of accessories on...
  8. 650Hawk

    I5 Catalytic Converters

    Wow, crappy looking weld on the Walker O2 bung.
  9. 650Hawk

    H3 rear leaf helper springs?

    JB Weld will not fix the top crack in the radiator; too much heat and pressure. If you are not getting any heat inside, that means that you are low (very low) on coolant (none getting to the heater core). That's also why it is running so hot (past the H). You don't need a water pump, you need...
  10. 650Hawk

    Bleeding front brakes

    If there is no air in the other lines, there's nothing to push out. Now the argument can be made that the fluid should all be changed out every couple of years anyway, and I'm not disagreeing with that. However, I just thought that it was interesting that our H3s don't require a full 4 wheel...
  11. 650Hawk

    Bleeding front brakes

    Of course there is. Do you know of an H3 without ABS? Again, I think I got lucky in that the reservoir never got low enough to introduce air into any of the other lines. I've bled lines in other vehicles with ABS as well, and never had to do anything with the ABS/scanner.
  12. 650Hawk

    Bleeding front brakes

    Well, it certainly wasn't anywhere near as involved as some of you have made it out to be, at least for my situation. Limped it home (had to make 3 add'l stop signs to get home, plus the driveway (E-Brake to stop before hitting the garage door!). Actually pumped the brakes a few times in the...
  13. 650Hawk

    Bleeding front brakes

    I'm not 100% sure that's the case. All 4 wheels' brake lines go all the way to the master cylinder; at no point are they common. So if I didn't allow the reservoir to get all the way down, the only line with air in it should be the one that I blew. I'll look closer tomorrow when I dig into...
  14. 650Hawk

    Bleeding front brakes

    I blew a front brake line this week (luckily I had just left the house, and although I did end up running a stop sign, I missed the oncoming car!). Anyway, I've gotten new front brake lines and will be installing this weekend, but had a question. Since I won't be touching the rears, I should be...
  15. 650Hawk

    H3 OBD2 gauge for monitoring temps

    I use a cheap (around $15) OBD module and the Torque Pro app; it has additional GM parameters that you can download for alot of different info, including trans temp, oil temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, etc., along with the normal IAT, short and long term fuel trims, cat temps, load, fuel flow...
  16. 650Hawk

    315 75 16 Rubbing solution?

    Careful; spacers might solve the rubbing on the inside of the tire against the swaybar, but it might also increase the chance of the outside of the tire rubbing on the fender lip when turning.
  17. 650Hawk

    Not like every other H3 running hot thread, hear me out.

    Although everyone s focusing on the engine temps and radiator/thermostat/etc., I'm drawn back to two things. 1st, it should run cooler when moving than when sitting at idle (more airflow). But 2nd (and this is important to note) is the trans temp. Never, ever, have I had a vehicle's trans...
  18. 650Hawk

    Still looking