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  1. Ridinhigh1500

    2008 H3 Alpha Luxury

    How do you like the rocky road sliders? I've been thinking about getting some.
  2. Ridinhigh1500

    2006 Upgrades so far

    Just got done with some more stuff today. Put on some poly bushings from Super Pro on my steering rack. Then sucked out all of the fluid in the reservoir and filled it new fluid.
  3. Ridinhigh1500

    H3 I CANNOT Tow apparently

    I've towed 4,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs several times. Even been on Interstate 40 doing 75 mph with that much weight. The picture below is from several years ago when my 2006 was bone stock. Towed the Talon just fine doing 65 mph on the Hwy.
  4. Ridinhigh1500

    Coil pack

    The 3.7 coil are essentially the same coil packs as used on the LS engines. They are just packaged different for the Atlas engines. There are people using them with the Vortec 4200 engine making over 800 HP with those coil packs.
  5. Ridinhigh1500

    Hummer H3 lift kit - Lets get down to it

    What did you guys ever do?
  6. Ridinhigh1500

    Suspension part out…

    Steering rack and knuckles prices?
  7. Ridinhigh1500

    2006 Upgrades so far

    Just a run down of some of the upgrades as of right now. PCM of NC tune for 93 octane Jags that run header (Sanderson Headers) Custom CAT back exhaust Air Doc intake K&N air filter Mishimoto oil catch can Oil gressure guage Brisk USA P5 spark plugs Super sparks coil spring delete All stainless...
  8. Ridinhigh1500

    Project Angry Orange

    You wanna sell the seat back nets?
  9. Ridinhigh1500

    Front Differential Bushings

    Yes I know there is two guys who sell them and I'm not interested in them. I just want to know if someone knows the size so I can get some from a company like Prothane or Energy Suspension?
  10. Ridinhigh1500

    I5 Catalytic Converters

    They are basically made to order from the place in California and the fitment is excellent. Since putting it on the throttle response is amazing and it sounds awesome too.
  11. Ridinhigh1500

    Suspension part out…

    How much for the steering rack?
  12. Ridinhigh1500

    H3 2007 - Barra swap , worth it?

    The guy in New Jersey that does all of the GM CAN Bus stuff is https://www.lojkits.com/
  13. Ridinhigh1500

    H3 2007 - Barra swap , worth it?

    There is people starting to mess with the 5 cylinders. They also have a bad rep for absolutely no reason. There is a guy in Michigan that will upgrade the 5 cylinder heads for like $1,300. He will port and polish it and put in bigger valves with heavier springs and re surface the head...
  14. Ridinhigh1500

    H3 2007 - Barra swap , worth it?

    What year is your H3? The P12 PCM in the 2006 is completely differnt from the PCM in the 2007 and newer. I know in the 2008 to 2009 Trailerblazer the PCM went to speed density tuning. I doubt you will find anyone who knows. But your best bet is to send a guy named Calvin a message his...
  15. Ridinhigh1500

    I5 Catalytic Converters

    I ditched my exhaust manifold and ordered one through www.jagsthatrun.com