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  1. Real4WD

    M1A2 SEPV2 Abrams Heavy Tank

    My other ride as an Abrams Tank Commander.
  2. Real4WD

    Project Angry Orange

    I'm going to hold on to them for now in case I decide to take the backpacks off. I appreciate your interest though.
  3. Real4WD

    HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Door....has it been done yet?

    Post some pictures of the cab interior and bed interior. I would like to see what you did!
  4. Real4WD

    Project Angry Orange

    I purchased them from a private seller on Facebook Marketplace.
  5. Real4WD

    Project Angry Orange

    Thanks man!
  6. Real4WD

    Project Angry Orange

    20230815 Installed Seaport Hummer H3 seat backpacks. These latch on in place of the OEM seat back nets (replaces GM#15875355). Now the H3T and Wagon match! OEM (useless) map pockets. ^^ Seaport Hummer H3 backpacks. ^^
  7. Real4WD

    I was looking for an H3 to take the dogs out with -

    Grey Poupon is an excellent user name lol.
  8. Real4WD

    ISO H3 roof tie down hooks

    Private sellers on the internets and a wrecking yard.
  9. Real4WD

    WTB New H3 Rear Door Bumper, Strike

    Admin can delete.
  10. Real4WD

    Project Angry Orange

    20230805 Installed 6 OEM tie down loops —3 each side— (GM#17801708).
  11. Real4WD

    ISO H3 roof tie down hooks

    Parts have been located. Admin can delete.
  12. Real4WD

    ISO H3 roof tie down hooks

    Would prefer in new condition but I’ll take what I can get. Looking for at least 6.
  13. Real4WD

    What did you do with your H3 recently? NEW

    Had a couple weeks off from work and decided to get caught up on some service as well as fine tune some stuff on the Wagon and H3T. Took my time since the average high has been 109 degrees in my part of Texas. Wagon Mechanical: -replaced both front differential CV input shaft seals...
  14. Real4WD

    ISO H3 OEM U-Steps

    I am interested in the single step. Will send a PM.
  15. Real4WD

    Texas Hummer Owners Meet 29 July 2023

    Sad face. Maybe next time.