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  1. Alpha X

    LS swapped h3 with big wheels (far away from each other).

    Usually I'm pretty open minded about that stuff... but I'm surprised how much I don't like that one. Just seems useless.
  2. Alpha X

    Unicorn Shopping, (Rancho Lift) WTB

    Interesting conversation. I would say that the demographic of H3 people who also purchased a Rancho has an awareness of the value of the lift kit, so they aren't sitting behind a garage somewhere not running. It was sold and that lift kit is on another H3.
  3. Alpha X

    Will these new Bronco wheels fit our trucks?

    Probably not. Center bore (hub bore) on a Bronco is smaller than H3. There are about 4-6 dimensions to consider, lug pattern being only one.
  4. Alpha X

    Unicorn Shopping, (Rancho Lift) WTB

    I think you need to take a number, like at the deli counter.
  5. Alpha X

    A pillar trim mod

    I like it. Nice idea.
  6. Alpha X

    Removing timing cover, what's all involved?

    You might have some luck looking on YouTube for how it's done on the older Colorados with the same engine.
  7. Alpha X

    Bed Rack identity

    I can't identify the rack, but it's probably a universal mid size truck rack. I'd browse for Tacoma or Colorado headache racks. Once you find one similar, they probably also offer the bed rail extensions to make it look like the photo above.
  8. Alpha X

    Has anybody rebuilt the power steering rack in their H3/H3T?

    That's kinda what I'm thinking too. This winter, I'll probably try to disassemble it to find a failed seal and/or determine what caused it to leak all of it's fluid in a hurry. I don't recall seeing damage on it when I pulled it out to replace it with a the new power steering rack. If I...
  9. Alpha X

    Has anybody rebuilt the power steering rack in their H3/H3T?

    Has anyone rebuilt the steering rack in their H3 / H3T with any success? I don't recall seeing this topic discussed here. I recently watched a video of a rack from a Toyota being rebuilt, and it didn't seem too bad. I have a power steering rack that dumped it's fluid while going down some...
  10. Alpha X

    h3t alpha adventure. rusty. worth it? ohio. craigslist.

    With the miles and rust, that looks like a parts car. I know of someone who spent a few thousand dollars having rust fixed on his H3T frame. It wasn't even as bad as this truck. That thing probably has a lot more rust that we aren't seeing.
  11. Alpha X

    Fiberglass Bonnet available?

    I don't think I've ever seen a mass produced fiberglass hood for H3. Maybe consider getting new hood struts if yours are tired and not assisting much.
  12. Alpha X

    Is this supposed to stick out like this?

    These pictures are from Rancho installation instructions.
  13. Alpha X

    Rancho kit bushing replacements

    You can see if this is available. According to Rancho instructions the part number for Aft Brace Bushing is 520041. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ran-rs520041#overview
  14. Alpha X

    Rancho kit bushing replacements

    I don't have the dimensions for those, but if you can measure them up... then check the Energy Suspension universal bushings, you may find something. https://www.energysuspensionparts.com/energy-suspension-universal-polyurethane-bushings.asp
  15. Alpha X

    D@mn Hummer/GM. They suck! Where can one find a Part# 434 (02207B)?? Is there a different #??

    Have you held them side by side and compared mounting points? Sometimes parts can change but their function is the same, so it may look different and have the same part number.
  16. Alpha X

    H3 rear leaf helper springs?

    As mentioned before, if the goal is no sag.... Strongly consider air bags. I know a few people who have done this, and they like the results.
  17. Alpha X

    HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Door....has it been done yet?

    About two weeks ago, I saw a white one in the Detroit area. It was at a stoplight, so I wasn't able to see it close. Looked like an H3, side rear door welded up, and the top was cut off starting behind the drivers seat. I don't think the wheelbase was shortened.
  18. Alpha X

    WTS Schwarttzy Skid Plate - Steel Version

    These are for H3 & H3T. I should have included that in the first post. My edit function is not working.
  19. Alpha X

    H3 Alpha engine temp

    Rather than rely on where the instrument panel gauge is pointing, you may want to add a ScanGauge (or UltraGauge or similar gauge) for more accurate temp numbers for engine, transmission, etc. See this link below for some discussion about the Alpha codes to display the info. See here...