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  1. Doc Olds


    Welcome. 3/4 is no big deal on the temp gauge as it is not accurate, more like an idiot light with a pointer. You have to scan it and see what the actual coolant temp is which is related to the ambient outside air temp. If it is 100F outside, the temp will be higher than if it is 70F...
  2. Doc Olds

    H3 Permanently turning off TPM indicator light

    Yes you did a Necro-Bump to this Old Tread when a new Thread with your question would have done just fine. 33#s is too light, set them all at 38 PSI cold. Go back to "The guys at the tire store" and have them get it right.... or, buy a bi-directional scanner that can reset TPMS and do it...
  3. Doc Olds

    Help getting loud humming noise on my h3

    Miles? Miles? Miles? Would be important unless you just want wild guesses.
  4. Doc Olds

    Help getting loud humming noise on my h3

    Miles on the truck is important for any tech question, more so when involving driveline. How about the front drive shaft CV????? Loose, sloppy, worn out? Your symptom is not a typical one, but they can make noise when calling out for attention.
  5. Doc Olds

    Removing timing cover, what's all involved?

    I am sure you have looked at the 3.7L Engine Manual for front cover replacement, starts on page 197... H3 3.7L- Engine Mechanical You can do the front cover pull with the engine in the truck, but it is a tedious PITA! You will have to drain the oil, loosen all the oil pan bolts to allow the...
  6. Doc Olds

    No drive

    If the prior owners never changed out the original front drive shaft CV joint (or did a rebuild on it) and also ignored U Joints, I would expect the CV and all the U Joints are beyond their expected life with your 250K miles. The goal with those is about 100-110K miles, and probably a bit more...
  7. Doc Olds

    Engine starts, but stalls when I put it in gear and the wipers swoosh once.

    Welcome. How about giving us a link back to the "past thread from 2021" so we know more specifically what you are referring to. BTW, do you have a Sunroof and if so, has you passenger side floor been wet?
  8. Doc Olds

    New User from MI

    Ah, a blast from the past. Hope all has been well and good to hear from you. Memories..... About 14 years back and havin' fun with the gang in MI! How's the Trans holding up with the Magna Charger these days?
  9. Doc Olds

    Will it leak without it?

    Bolts to hold parts together are NOT optional. Look into the proper size extractor and how to use it. If you fell like you can, them start down that path. If it is over your skill base, then get help or pay someone that has the skill set.
  10. Doc Olds

    H3 Loud POPPING

    Long shot? How about ......... bluelightning3 Joined Nov 5, 2013 Last seen Sep 30, 2015
  11. Doc Olds

    3.5 to 4.2 engine swap? 06 H3

    Inline 6s are too long.
  12. Doc Olds

    New owner of H3 2007

    Welcome. They all had two keys and fobs when new. You can only connect a fob to the H3/H3T with a bidirectional scanner with that capability or the GM Dealer's Tech II. I am betting that your vehicle lost contact with the original fobs so the prior owner never bothered. Many reasons that can...
  13. Doc Olds

    H3 Transmission dead?

    They do have to test drive it.... but 500 miles is BS. My father used to manage the Buick Dealership in town in the 90s and they would do like 20 miles or less to make certain a driveline issue were fixed. Had to get up to temp, get on the E-way to the second ramp down and back. Shirt...
  14. Doc Olds

    Time to learn even more!

    Welcome indeed.
  15. Doc Olds

    No drive

    Thank you for your reply. Your miles are beyond the expected life of the 4L60E Transmission in a heavy FT 4X4 H3 (you/we do not know the history of when/if it was ever rebuilt/replaced) so as I suspected, your Trans needs a rebuild. I've been driving and H3 continuously since Feb 2007. My...
  16. Doc Olds

    Here we go again...Lol! What is the passenger door switch light bulb style/# ?

    I am surprised that you find this surprising????? ;) The basic requirement for spare parts availability is long gone since the last H3/H3Ts were made in early 2010 and the OEM Warranty expires at the latest in 2015. IMHO that is what makes these things so cool. Everybody and Tom Dick Harry's...
  17. Doc Olds

    No drive

    I got to say, reading your posts, they are all over the map chasing you tail. You failed to answer many questions others with experience were asking you, never told us how many miles are on it, and your Trans did go out. "No drive in any gear mode." How many miles? Pretty obvious to me...
  18. Doc Olds

    I was looking for an H3 to take the dogs out with -

    Factory Lockers can only be used with T Case in Lo Lock and under 40MPH. Take a READ through the Owner's Manual for the particulars. If you do not have the Manual in the truck, they are all on line free. Enjoy!
  19. Doc Olds

    I was looking for an H3 to take the dogs out with -

    Nice truck. Enjoy. There are performance mods to improve throttle response. About the playing music from your phone to the Stock Radio. You bought a near 14 year old truck. ;)
  20. Doc Olds

    H3 Transmission dead?

    Find a reputable Trans Shop that really knows how to do rebuilds. Get it rebuilt. Many provide a warranty on parts and labor. If you have to get it back on the road ASAP, then use Car-Part.com to track one down for an H3 and either exchange your old one, or get that rebuilt and swap it back...