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  1. J

    Here we go again...Lol! What is the passenger door switch light bulb style/# ?

    Wow, that thread takes me back. I did that on my first H3, haven't dug into the Alpha yet though. Getting lazier in my older age. What LED's have you been using? They shouldn't burn out in just 2 years, more likely something is coming apart.
  2. J

    H3 Transmission dead?

    Only parts different with the H3 transmission compared to your average 4l60E are the valve body/pan (due to clearance needed for the front driveshaft) and the bellhousing if it's a 5 cylinder (pretty sure the V8 housing is standard anyway). I went with a remanufactured transmission from Street...
  3. J

    H3 I CANNOT Tow apparently

    I can tow no problem with my Alpha. With 4.56 gears (I regeared after I blew my rear diff apart on Metalmasher) and 35's my overall ratio is roughly the same as the stock 4.10's with 33's. Yes, smaller tire is going to help with towing if you don't regear. I tow a single axle M101A trailer...
  4. J

    Bought used front diff,help

    Even at 65k, the seals are at a minimum 14 years old and may be hardening up. Best to just replace stuff like that now while you have it out. It'd suck to get it all in just to have to pull half of it back off because a seal decided to start leaking.
  5. J

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    Took the Alpha in for an alignment, got word the ball joints in the control arms are bad. Not sure how they went out so quickly though, but now I get to add that to my list of things I need to try and fix before winter hits.
  6. J

    Front Differential Bushings

    I doubt you'll find anything from Prothane or ES that will fit out of the box, or I would have heard of it by now. I think the closest anyone got had the right diameter but needed to be cut down, if I remember correctly (which with how my memory is these days, take it with a spoonful of salt)...
  7. J

    D@mn Hummer/GM. They suck! Where can one find a Part# 434 (02207B)?? Is there a different #??

    When did the runs change? I went out and checked my 2008 and while it doesn't have the metal strap but a composite one instead, the bolt pattern is still 1 3/4".
  8. J

    H3 OBD2 gauge for monitoring temps

    Alpha has an oil pressure sensor, not a switch so you can get oil pressure. It's at the head. I personally use an Ultragauge since it's cheaper than a Scangauge and lets you view a lot more at once (up to 8 readouts at a time, with multiple pages that auto-cycle) I'm monitoring oil pressure...
  9. J

    H3 Alpha trans temp

    Ouch, just checked prices on the LPD 4590. I bought mine in 2019 for $84 shipped. They've more than doubled in price since then apparently, if you can even find them. Lot's of Chinese knock-offs out there of the Tru-Cool coolers, so be careful.
  10. J

    H3 Alpha trans temp

    With a stock cooling setup, yes that is normal. The trans cooler is built into the radiator so it will at least get as warm as the coolant temps after a while. To keep the transmission cooler you need to either add a secondary cooler after the radiator or switch to a standalone cooler entirely...
  11. J

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    I want to go, but it is highly reliant on me being able to get my daughter's new car (2005 Beetle 1.8T convertible) put back together and on the road, and then being able to put my H3 down for a lot of heavy maintenance. If I can get that done before winter hits I'll be good to go. Otherwise...
  12. J

    Steering rack play

    Do you mean the knuckle? H3's don't have spindles. If you find a good foundry or blacksmith they might be able to heat the casting and bend it back. Totally guessing on that though, but worth a shot since it's pretty unlikely to be able to source another one.
  13. J

    Lased design

    I wouldn't fret over it just yet, depending on how long ago you placed your order. Mine took about a week from purchase to delivery. I am sure he is just doing this on the side and I know he is doing everything in batches, which is why stuff is often sold out.
  14. J

    2024 Black Sheep Week, Hurricane, UT - Mar 31-Apr 5

    We'll have to see if we can get lost less this next time! Put me down. Probably Sat-Sat again.
  15. J

    Sand Hollow sneak peak

    I'm up for doing Sand Hollow again next year.
  16. J

    H3 Snorkel

    If I recall it's the year that matters more than the engine. Specifically it's the airbox inlet design changed between the 2006/7 and 2008+ models. I had a snorkel on my 08 I5 and put the same "brand" (China) on my Alpha.