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  1. Trekker

    Kansas Rocks - 4/28/12

    A couple of us Hummer owners around the KC area have expressed interest in a Saturday trip to Kansas Rocks Recreation Park on 4/28. Here's what I was planning: Meet at the park at 9:00 AM, or ... Meet me South of Olathe at 7:30 AM and we can convoy to the park* Bring a lunch $15 KS Rocks fee...
  2. Trekker

    Rancho Suspension Lift for the Deuce

    Well I've had my '05 H2 for about a year now so I think it's time to start some mods. I've got the wife (H3Wench) sold on doing the Rancho 4" suspension lift (I just keep showing her pics of RuggedH2's rig). Here's what I'm thinking: Rancho suspension lift kit RS6557 (Air Suspension) Rancho...
  3. Trekker

    H3 H3 Rear Flex Mod

    This was a fairly popular mod, so I thought I would bring it over here to share: I'm done with my flex mod! Man, that was a lot of work. Here's what I added: SamCo extended leaf spring shackles Bilstein 5125 shocks JKS swaybar disconnects Rocky Road bar pin eliminator I can't...
  4. Trekker

    2005 Hummer H2

    Trekker submitted a new Showcase Item: 2005 Hummer H2 Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. Trekker

    2007 Hummer H3

    Trekker submitted a new Showcase Item: 2007 Hummer H3 Read more about this showcase item here...