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  1. rascole

    H3 won't hold a charge (AC)

    Since you already have air in the system. Save the refrigerant until you find the leak. Pressure it up with air and soap test entire system including condenser. 150 psi leak will be easy to spot the bubbles.
  2. rascole

    Yaw sensor replacement.

    I did, I should have posted here but I did post in another. It was the steering wheel position sensor. Replaced along with steering shaft and code cleared. I bought a nice Foxwell bi-directional scanner and it showed the correct code.
  3. rascole


    No, needs the locker button next to the traction control button.
  4. rascole

    New toy for me

    Wife got me a new service tool box because I always complain my other is too heavy to move around now. First mod was to represent H4O.
  5. rascole

    thud when accelerating

    Or, buy the ready made unit from Outfitter Design. Turn key and no headaches and guessing. https://www.outfitterdesign.com/h3-front-driveshaft.html
  6. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    Could be, but for that noise, could be several. My first thought because it happened to me, front diff center mount bolt and bushing.
  7. rascole

    Driver side IFS conversion?

    SAS is the best way to go. All the hard work has already been figured out. Your wanting to venture into a mod that might end badly and gain you nothing but headaches. More power to you if you have the ability and patience, but if you are looking for strength and durability, SAS.
  8. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    Got the new Fort Wayne drive shaft in. U joints definitely look beefier, picture doesn't really show it but they are heftier. Will replace the old shaft joints with the new greaseless type. Shaft is about a half inch shorter than stock but it shouldn't be a problem, plenty of yoke still in...
  9. rascole

    Oil light with chime comes on

    First consider changing the oil pressure sensor. They are known to go bad and are easy to change.
  10. rascole

    Newbie needing parts

    No, you did not. Be specific with what the problem is. Did you jack up the front before you rotated the rear? Lots of parts on the back of the 3 that can break. Leaf springs, mounts, bearings, seals, ring & pinion, U joint.......... Would like to help but not enough info. Get some pics.
  11. rascole

    Newbie needing parts

    What is the reason for leaving you stranded? Need more info.
  12. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    How often do you replace the greaseless joints.
  13. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    Front is D44 with custom shaft with THORparts adapter.
  14. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    U joints were replaced after SOA, thought I was going to have to lengthen it but after new springs settled it is fine.
  15. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    Glad you chimed in, you know more than most on weak points. I do some water crossings but avoid mud like the plague. The Fort Wayne is reasonably priced, wondering if anyone has dealt with them before.
  16. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    I've read that, some argue that a regularly greased joint will last longer. Non greased joint will wear eventually then needs to be replaced instead of rebuilt for less $. I don't know, hoping to spark some good conversation from H4O family. Interweb has opinions everywhere.
  17. rascole

    Rear driveshaft replacement

    Looking to add a spare rear driveshaft after the last rip to Sand Hollow. 2 different rigs had rear shaft issues and each had a spare, back on the trial in no time. This prompted me to get a spare. After a phone call and a generic quote of @$750, I searched around. Fort Wayne Clutch &...
  18. rascole

    Onstar fuse

    Fuse is on a separate cable connected directly off the positive terminal. Usually wrapped in a bundle. Pulled mine years ago.
  19. rascole

    ZR2 Diesel VS H3T Alpha

    I'll trade you a 2001 Silverado for the ZR2.
  20. rascole

    2024 Black Sheep Week recap, Sand Hollow

    Yes, you can see the amount of sand that gets tracked up the rock. Sandstone there is also softer than Moab and that reduces traction. You can see here and in many other obstacles the tires have dug out channels, indication lots of wheel spin. (rain that week didn't help either)