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  1. 6

    09 H3T Alpha Parts

    So had a bit of a catastrophe with my 09 Alpha adventure H3T. While parking in my driveway, something literally went sideways and now the truck is screwed. Basically there was a failure in the front diff that caused the t-case to crack. I'm in BC Canada and found a t-case through rock auto US...
  2. M

    WTB - H3T Alpha Left Rear Bumper Step Pad OR Front/Rear Bumper (ARM/Thor/Iron Bull)

    After years of waiting, I am finally having my 2009 H3T Alpha repainted at Starwood Motors with their custom armor finish. Bad news? Literally two days before I took her in someone dinged me in a parking lot and I drove off (I had had backed into the parking spot and didn't realize it till I...
  3. Gpcalero

    Gpcalero's "The Duke" H3T Alpha Build

    BACK IN THE GAME BABY. Long time lurker on the site but when I was active I used a different forum :Shhh:. Seems like this forum has more activity and more information that has helped me out lately, so I'm going to post my build primarily here. Been quite a few years since I was last in the H3...

    The Gremlin

    I figured, so long as I'm getting back into the swing of things I would try to create a build thread. Some will remember the '99 Wagon my dad and I wheeled in 2012 during the Black Sheep Hummer Run. Well we ended up selling it and 2 years later this Electrical Gremlin showed up at a dealership...
  5. P

    WTS 2009 H3T Alpha w/ Lockers

    Hey Guys, I am entertaining the idea of putting my H3T Alpha for sale. I don't want are necessarily need to sale but the wife and I were talking about getting something bigger for our family. Like the title says it is an 09 H3T with the Alpha and Off road package. it was a Canada rig so the...
  6. M

    WTS 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha, Luxury and Adventure Package

    2008 Hummer H3 ALPHA in very good condition. Current mileage close to 126000. Luxury and Adventure package. Interior and exterior are almost pristine. 3rd owner. Truck has been well maintained and kept under car cover. This is the top of the line model with V8 providing significantly more power...
  7. Z

    when the Tranny goes on my Alpha

    I've been taking care of keeping the fluids changed with full synthetic penzoil but Im concerned. My 100K mile 2009 alpha is almost 10yrs old, is my daily driver and I have been doing a lot of towing lately. I have made 3 summer time round trips of 3400 miles pulling anywhere from 8K to 3500lbs...
  8. L

    H3 Ignition Circuit Fail - H3 Alpha

    Don't know if any of you have run into this, but thought this post might be helpful. On a few occasions the past two winters, my H3 completely refused to engage the starter circuit. Occurred months apart. Learned a few things: 1) I replaced the battery twice; first time not a waste, battery was...
  9. houseofdiesel

    H3 & H3T Clearance Lights Bezel Backorder & Market

    So how many people are on the darn S&S back order list? I've been waiting for mine since November. I have sought out a Carbon Fiber Manufacturer but there is no way I'm going to throw down the coin for tooling and molding costs with such a limited demand for a vehicle that has been...
  10. WillieMo

    H3T Alpha for sale Miami, FL

    if anyone is looking... don't see many of them around here... price is a little high but seems to be in nice shape!!! i would jump on this if I had the $$$ http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/cto/4616972865.html
  11. A

    Anybody have a custom dash?

    I am looking for a custom fiberglass dash for an h3. Does anybody know of anybody who has one and could make a copy of theirs, somebody who can make one, or somebody who is looking to sell theirs. My dash is stock but has black 3m vinyl over it which looks alright, but I would really like to...
  12. R

    H3 What to look for in a H3?

    So I'm looking at getting an H3, I want one that can perform off road, like the Alpha. However, I know that they cost a lot more than a 06 or 07. What I'm asking is how much better can the Alpha perform than a regular 5 inline and is it worth the price? Also, is getting a newer H3 with the...
  13. R

    H3 Differences between H3 Alpha, Adventure, and Lux?

    Title pretty much speaks for itself, but to add... I'm especially wondering about the difference between the alpha and the adventure
  14. R

    Question regarding scheduled maintenance on H3

    I have a 2008 H3 Alpha. I've had several problems that were fixed under the warranty. I live in CA and use my H3 for commuting only. I am always up to date with scheduled and preventative maintenance. I am the original owner and all work has been performed by the same GM Dealer where I...
  15. D

    08 Alpha Parts For Sale

    Up for Sale-- 2008 Alpha H3--- All parts have 72k miles on them. Nothing is Broken -Rear axle complete from disc to disc. Stock locker and stock gears. -Front Diff housing ( no locker) -Front Axles complete -A- Arms -Front Hub Assemblies Basically All suspension is for sale Message me with...
  16. 06PullUouT

    H3 Alpha center console

    Anyone have the part number for the center bottom console with the "change holder"? I believe it only came on the Alphas? TIA Deryl
  17. Hans3T

    Building Barney: Hans3T's H3T Build Thread

    Welcome, and thanks for checking out my build thread! Allow me to preface this build by saying I have been blessed in life with a great family, a beautiful fiancée, wonderful friends, and countless opportunities – all of which have made me who I am today. For the better part of a decade, I...