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  1. H

    ABS, Traction, etc. failing?

    About 2 months ago, had my mechanic, who has done a great job on my H3, replace the front pads on the H3. Picked it up on the same day was traveling about 100 miles. While driving, out of nowhere, the ABS warning light went off as well as the traction control. Stepping on the brake gave...
  2. M

    Brembo GT1 Big Brake Kit (Font only)- 6-piston caliper (red) $1500

    Brembo GT1 Big Brake Kit (Font only)- 6-piston caliper (red), 15" 2-piece rotors. Fits 2003-2007 > Hummer > H2 , 2000-2006 > GMC > 2500 > Sierra Suburban Yukon XL , 2000-2006 > Chevrolet > Truck > 1500 Tahoe/Silverado/Suburban/Avalanche, may fit other years not listed. This was on a SEMA H2...
  3. O

    H3 Mushy brakes

    Hi All, My 10 year old H3, has extremely mushy brakes. Initially I thought the pads were worn out, and they were, I changed all pads, with good quality ones. And checked the brake fluid level. And now the car stops... compared to barely stopping before :) But the brakes are still very "mushy"...
  4. autumn walker

    Power Steering Cooler Popped

    I was pulling into the trail head last Saturday when I felt a vibration in my brake pedal and heard a horrible "pump running without any fluid in it" noise whenever I applied the brakes or turned the steering wheel. I immediately pulled off and shut the truck down. Popped the hood to see fluid...