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  1. D

    OD Center Diff crossmember bushing question

    Hey everyone. So I'm installing the OD bushings for the diff and while doing the center diff bushing I noticed a space between the top of the bushing and the inner metal sleeve. I ground down the welds so it sits flush but am wondering if I'm missing something else?
  2. D

    Rear leaf spring shackle upper bushing seems loose in frame?!

    Hey all, I looked for this and couldn't come up with anything so maybe someone here could help. Here goes, I recently purchased an '06 H3 Adv and had to replace a bunch of suspension parts, OK, almost all suspension parts. But since doing the rear leaf springs, shackles, and the upper bushings I...
  3. H

    H3 Body mount bushings and body lifts

    Hey everyone. So I tried to search for specific answers in the forum but cant seem to pinpoint the answers I'm looking for. Pretty sure one of the bushings on my crossbar is shot. So I did a little research and found Energy Suspension Universal Body Mount kits. Seems to be the only thing I can...
  4. hodges81

    H3 Replace leaf bushings or replace whole leaf springs?

    I have a 2006 H3 and have already rebuilt my whole front suspension, now that I've worked my way to the rear of the vehicle I've found the Shackle and leaf bushings are both blown out. Should I just go ahead and replace the leaf springs instead of just the bushings. They still have a little life...
  5. alrock

    Rebuilt the lower control arm today

    MaxPF helped with some Hummer projects today: rebuilt the passenger side lower control arm (new bushings and ball joint), swapped out the diff, put a new diff mount on the driver's side, swapped in a new axle since my last new axle shot out all of its grease. And put on a new skid plate. And new...