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  1. A

    Chrome tow hooks?

    I bought my H3 back in January and slowly working on things, with winter coming up and recoveries being a necessity I was hoping somebody would recognize these tow hooks so I could get some more info. A PO has obviously changed out the stock hooks for chrome, were these an OEM option? I've seen...
  2. F

    H3T Sure doesn't look like 35s fit...

    35 x 12.50 R18... This is a stock H3T Alpha that came with 285 75 R16. The t-bars have never been touched and I measure 21" from the H in the original hub up the fender. Should I bother trying to crank them up? I can live without the mud flaps. (And before you ask, that wheel color is...
  3. Shrubf4

    H3 spare Chrome wheel F/S/T

    Re-running this. Up for grabs today is a stock Chrome wheel for an H3. It looks like it was never used so it has no road rash and it's just taking up space right now. $80 or trades -Roof rails -The larger half of the UCP -Hunner skids -Just offer other neat stuff