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  1. Z

    Functional DIY Crossbars for the H3

    Post #9 Shows the updated bracket design. Below is the original post w/ images. Hey Everyone, I just thought i would share my latest project with you all. I made a set of crossbars that I consider to be more functional than the OEM/Aftermarket options at less than half the cost. The seed for...
  2. Z

    A Keyless Entry Fob worthy of the HUMMER Legacy

    So I bought my Hummer back in February and it came with both keyless entry remotes but one was broken at the keyring hole. I guess its a problem that can happen with these delicate snowflakes GM designed. So I took the opportunity to design and 3d print a new one that is worthy of the Hummer. I...
  3. G

    H3 Qualified Fabricators to Take On Crazy Build Wanted

    Hey guys! Just purchased a sweet little 2009 H3 that's about to go under the chopping block! I've followed some builds for a few months now, spoke with a few people, and now it's time to pick the brains of some of you out there! Little info about the team and goals of the vehicle: The...
  4. A

    Anybody have a custom dash?

    I am looking for a custom fiberglass dash for an h3. Does anybody know of anybody who has one and could make a copy of theirs, somebody who can make one, or somebody who is looking to sell theirs. My dash is stock but has black 3m vinyl over it which looks alright, but I would really like to...
  5. SickStringC

    Weekend Winch Project

    Winch arrived in mail last week ... Winch mount solutions seemed weak, so I decided to come up with my own - with a little help from a friend. (Saturday) Trial and error are always an element when it comes to designing something new. We made good progress day 1. On top of finishing the...
  6. ReconH3

    ReconH3 Build Thread v2.0

    Instead of copying my old build thread, I thought that my August 2011 ROTM thread was much more complete. This is by far the most complete compilation I have put together of my build. This is where it all started :) I waited two years for the Alpha to come out. I knew a vehicle with that...