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  1. S

    DayStar Dash Panel

    Hey all, H3 is sold, but I remembered to grab the dash panel out before surrendering the keys. $20 takes it, I'm located in downstate NY if anyone local wants to meet up for a handoff.
  2. H

    H3 Body mount bushings and body lifts

    Hey everyone. So I tried to search for specific answers in the forum but cant seem to pinpoint the answers I'm looking for. Pretty sure one of the bushings on my crossbar is shot. So I did a little research and found Energy Suspension Universal Body Mount kits. Seems to be the only thing I can...
  3. Hummerboy

    Rancho lift/Front Diff

    Just got my h3 back today. Mounted 37x13.50 mud grapplers on it. I went with the rancho lift and the daystar 1 inch body. I'm now on the fence about a PCM tune but was wondering what options I have for a new front diff to get better gears to help turn the tires. I'm not interested in a SAS just...
  4. humvee

    H3 Urgent help needed BodyLIFT

    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of bodylifting my H3 (Daystar 1") on a South African model 2009... I've done everything up to removing the first body mount (under the radiator/ passenger side)... I put the fixture in a vice as others have described, and smashed it repeatedly with a hammer.. but was...