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  1. WarMongur

    WTS H3 gone ... goodies left

    Hello ALL I sold my Hummer, yet I have a few goodies still lying around. Not sure what may be of interest so I will simply list them and you can contact me via als01a@yahoo.com or text me @ 949-878-8664. Shipping is at buyers expense, unless local pick-up can be arranged in Southern...
  2. O

    Broke my front diff in my 2003 H2 last weekend at BMR. I need advise!!!!!

    Anyone ever do a straight axle swap on a H2? I've read you can use a dodge 3/4 ton front axle. I have 4:10 gears and eventually going to do a duramax swap! Thanks in advance, Oklahummer
  3. alrock

    Rebuilt the lower control arm today

    MaxPF helped with some Hummer projects today: rebuilt the passenger side lower control arm (new bushings and ball joint), swapped out the diff, put a new diff mount on the driver's side, swapped in a new axle since my last new axle shot out all of its grease. And put on a new skid plate. And new...
  4. alrock

    H3 Front diff crossmember bushing fix

    Inspired by Speedy and equipped by suspension.com, Bigunit, kd7irm and I tackled the task of replacing the bushing in my crossmember with the Energy Suspension bushings sold in a kit by suspension.com. The OEM setup is a metal sleeve that is keyed to the diff with the sleeve sitting in...