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  1. N

    H3 Help pls... Nexus7 + GMOS-04 + Headunit replacement

    Hi all gurus, I am planning to replace the stock headunit and replace it by Nexus 7. So I've ordered Axxess GMOS-04 harness. :link: I've connected all the wires as per the manual and got some idea from this youtube video :link:. But now I am stuck with few questions/confusions (sorry I am not...
  2. J

    I may be b*ned

    So Sunday night I went off-roading with some buddies and we stumbled across a mud pit.... went through it a bunch of times and eventually got stuck.. (for some reason it wont let me upload the pic of it stuck) got pulled out all that stuff and the rig was fine. So tonight (Tuesday night) we...
  3. southernhummerguy

    Battery Drain... PLEASE help!

    Here's the deal, I have a 2006 H3 with the monsoon sound system, a 12" Kicker with a Dual amplifier (the amp runs the correct 150 watts at 4 ohms bridged), a toggle switch that controls the power to the amplifier in the head unit, and a CB radio. The battery began to die so I disconnect the...
  4. autumn walker

    Constant +12v under the dash?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking to install a radio that my club uses. Apparently it is fairly high powered. I'd like to run it from something already into the passenger cabin (under the dash) rather than trying to poke a hole through the firewall and run straight from the battery. The radio will have an...