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  1. O

    Electric fans for H3???!!!

    Hey All, Does anyone know what this is? It seems there is a version of the H3 with a dual electric fan instead (or maybe with) the clutch fan? What is this...
  2. rascole

    H3 Cooling system, water pump, thermostat repair advice.

    I just finished my front end suspension repairs and PCM upgrade. I had the engine idling to let the PCM calibrate and I noticed that there was an intermittent rattle noise. Well it appears that my water pump is going out. Small amount of coolant is weeping out and there is a visible wobble of...
  3. D

    H3 Rattle near fan when idle and at normal operating temp. only

    2007 132,000 miles Hummer Service did head job, within a week a rattle began only when idle and when eng is at normal operating temp. That's to say when its cold and until the temp reaches normal, no rattle. Same if driving... no rattle. The rattle comes from the fan/front engine upper area...