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  1. Grimmjow

    H3 Whole Laundry List of Problems from Driving Across the US - HELP?!

    My H3 has been a nightmare recently. I just moved across the US from Wilmington, NC to Phoenix, AZ. Left my car in Charlotte, NC with a sib and just drove it here this past weekend after it had been sitting for a month. My problems started with the usual sunroof leak. Fixed the hoses before...
  2. alrock

    H3 - ATF fluid change procedure

    I did a fluid drain and fill today. I chose not to do a full flush in part as I just wanted to try this out and see the contents of the pan and the state of the old fluid myself. A drain and refill replaces about 5 quarts of fluid and I believe the transmission holds as many as 11 quarts. (Total...
  3. autumn walker

    Power Steering Cooler Popped

    I was pulling into the trail head last Saturday when I felt a vibration in my brake pedal and heard a horrible "pump running without any fluid in it" noise whenever I applied the brakes or turned the steering wheel. I immediately pulled off and shut the truck down. Popped the hood to see fluid...
  4. L

    Confused about ATF levels

    Hi guys, Yesterday I decided to do a routine check of my ATF levels after having been driving around town for about 30 - 45 minutes. The engine was definitely up to normal operating temperature, and I assumed the transmission was, too. I stopped, set the parking brake and put the truck...