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  1. C

    2006 Hummer H3

    2006 Hummer H3 Adventure Package 4x4 w/diff lock GREAT CONDITION, hummer runs perfect 155xxx miles TEXT ME FOR MORE INFO AND PICS (512)492-2133 -Sunroof -Power Seats -Lumbar Button -Heated Seats Aftermarket additions: -Leveling Kit -Bilstein 2100 Extended Shocks -Firestone Destination M/T...
  2. B

    Gobi Stealth Rack and ladder

    Selling my rig as is, but have an offer for it stripped down. So, looking to sell of the Gobi Rack and ladder for local pickup in the Pittsburgh area or within reason. This rack is the full version, without the cutout for the sunroof, though I have a sun roof but wanted the storage space...
  3. A

    WTS Gobi Stealth w/Sunroof - Houston, TX

    Making some changes, selling for 1k obo local only.
  4. M

    WTS H3 Items For Sale!!!

    Hello, I am looking to sell a few items from my H3 before I trade it in. I have the following items for sale and I am located in Illinois. Gobi Stealth Roof Rack with working front and rear spot lights and sunroof opening Predator Search & Rescue Brush Guard Rocky Road Rock Sliders Underbody...
  5. zackcrum

    Gobi Ranger lighting. Lets see your setup

    Since i bought my h3 I have wanted a Gobi rack. Well the Hummer gods opened the doors for me recently and i was able to pick up a slightly used Ranger from a car dealership. The new owner of a red alpha LOADED with chrome didnt want the rack and ladder previously installed. a friend of a friend...
  6. J

    WTB GOBI RACK For a 2008 Alpha with Sunroof

    Looking for a Gobi, I live in California but willing to pay for shipping, please message me if you have one to sell!! Preferably with ladder!! Thanks:thumbs:
  7. MessiaH2

    MessiaH2 had a big couple weeks of build

    I have owned my 03' Deuce and it has been my daily driver since Jan 2004. It has had some options added over the years but nothing like the past two weeks. It just received a 6" Fab Tech lift which mounted perfect and rides fantastic! Before After MassiaH2 second coming!!! This name comes...
  8. E

    WTS 2007 HUMMER H3 *priced low*76k mi, tan leather luxury, 4x4, gobi rack $17250 in OK

    2007 HUMMER H3 w/ only 76,200 miles in EXCELLENT condition. Luxury package, tan leather, driver and passenger power / heated seats, black grill guard, black side steps, tow package, GOBI roof rack and rear ladder, Hercules Trail Digger tires (285/75/r16) + rear door mounted spare. 3.7L...
  9. reaper

    h2 Gobi rack in Denver area: $150

    IF anyone is interested, Twinnmill bought a bumper (that is at my house...) from a guy who also has a Gobi rack for only $150. Condition unknown but thought I'd pass it along... PM me for his contact info if you're interested. And it's in Denver.
  10. is350

    custom goby hilift mount ?

    has any body come up with any good ways to mount a hilift to a gobi with out the ridiculously expensive gobi mount?
  11. is350

    H3 What kind of Rigids should I go with?

    thinking about getting some rigid industries leds for the gobi stealth rack, just wondering what would be the best combo? I'm thinking 4 dually d2s or maybe a 10" in the middle with a 6" on either side, open to other ideas as well. this is still a couple months out but i was just curious what u...
  12. alrock

    Check out the hi-beams on that rack!

    Thanks to Tim at Expedition Hardware :cheers: for getting me this Gobi and these Rigid Lights. If I didn't have Tim do the ordering I think I'd be sitting here all frustrated that I didn't get the right mounts, correct setup, etc . The Rigid Lights come with complete wiring harness from switch...
  13. alrock

    Checking out Cotilo's rack

    Was able to look when Luis wasn't in the room - hot! Best looking mall-crawler around. We put the rack and ladder on Cotilo's truck on Saturday afternoon. It looks great! That Gobi is solid and so easy to install.