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hummer h1

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    New Hummer H1 owner

    Hello gangg, new proud owner of a 97 Hummer H1. When i bought it, it started for couple of minutes and then shut off, cranks but no start. Have to do some more digging in to find out why this happend. Im figuring that fuel filter is clogged, and just to put it out there the air filter is...
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    1993 H1 Hummer Wagon Duramax Conversion

    Selling our 93 Duramax Conversion with 550HP and 1,000ft/lbs of torque, featured in a recent HumveeLife video "MADuraMAX" https://youtu.be/pUQ717W6R2Y This is a very well done conversion. The exterior has been kept OEM style, but what's under the hood packs a rare, massive, Howitzer-like...
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    Rocky Ride

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    What's up your a$$?

    I've noticed recently that most other Hummer brothers don't wave. I'm not asking to do all the stupid sh*t jeep people do, but when you're sitting right next to me at a stoplight in your hummer and then scoff at me when I'm just saying wasup, wtf? am I asking for too much?
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    Looking for a 2003-2004 H1 to Buy

    Looking to buy a 2003-2004 H1. Wagon or Open Top, and Color does not matter. Would like a higher mile 2004 model. Looking to spend $50k or less. Cash in Hand. Please email me at drivingandgaming@yahoo.com Thanks