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  1. Eric@Rotech

    Digital Display For H2

    Hello, I just purchased a 2003 Hummer H2. I'm starting to upgrade my interior to give it a modern look. Besides changing out seats, carpet/headliner, I've decided to tackle the instrument cluster. Nothing wrong with having analog gauges I just prefer the digital look I've been accustomed to...
  2. C

    1993 H1 Hummer Wagon Duramax Conversion

    Selling our 93 Duramax Conversion with 550HP and 1,000ft/lbs of torque, featured in a recent HumveeLife video "MADuraMAX" https://youtu.be/pUQ717W6R2Y This is a very well done conversion. The exterior has been kept OEM style, but what's under the hood packs a rare, massive, Howitzer-like...
  3. A

    H3 1 Year Updates

    Its been a year since I joined and made my first post, since then my H3 had gone from a daily driver to now a weekend toy/trailer queen. I had a great chance to be a part of the 4WD Truck and Jeep Fest here in Houston, TX and was the only Hummer there :( but it gave me a chance to visit will all...
  4. F

    WTS Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels

    Hummer H2 OEM factory Special Edition Chrome wheels These are genuine GM chromed alloy wheels. Set of 4. They are used, have some chrome peel inside the barrels (they all do that), and come in original boxes. Faces are in great condition as you can see. These are a beautiful and strong...
  5. Z

    A Keyless Entry Fob worthy of the HUMMER Legacy

    So I bought my Hummer back in February and it came with both keyless entry remotes but one was broken at the keyring hole. I guess its a problem that can happen with these delicate snowflakes GM designed. So I took the opportunity to design and 3d print a new one that is worthy of the Hummer. I...
  6. C

    Where to get Building hummer H2 6.6L Duramax engine

    I haven't got H2 hummer yet but interested to get one and put a conversion Duramax 6.6 liter In I would like to no if anyone can recommend shop to do the conversion I have some shops in mind please let me know if any of you had a conversion done by these shop or any others and anyone had...
  7. SayeBrandt

    H3T My Hummer H3

    Here's my 2008 Hummer H3. I haven't changed anything on it so far, but am about to go all black. Any other suggestions?
  8. RamRod

    WTS H3 Clear Side Marker Light - Never Used $15

    I got a pair of "new" (never used) clear side marker lights that came with the clear LED Market lights that I recently installed on my rig.... Not going to be using them so I thought I would pass them on to someone else who would. I see that they sell on eBay for $30+S&H, so I am looking to get...
  9. C

    New to the H3T - but not new to Hummers...

    Long time Hummer H1 owner - in fact I'm on Hummer #6 with Silvrzuki's H3T Alpha/Adventure that I just bought. Picked it up last month and after a cursory inspection drove it 2800 miles in a little over two days back to Pennsylvania! Silvrzuki's set his (mine now ) H3T the way I would have done...
  10. J

    new guy from MS

    Hi, new owner of a 2006 White Lux H3 with 33'' trail grapplers m/t atturo tires with a 1" lift. Brown and tan seats. Looking to put my Kenwood Nav unit in this thing. I want to retain on-star and the chimes that come along with it. I have the stock radio 6 disc xm capable non-nav unit in now...
  11. M

    eBay HELP! Considering buying this H1

    I've done my research but I'm sure you guys know more then I. First time buyer interested in pulling the trigger on this local 2 door. Test drove this H1 yesterday. Ran and drove great. Apparently hadn't been started in 3 months, started right up. Had small cloud of white smoke on initial...
  12. J

    H3 Hummer Suspension (RANCHO) Bushings

    Hello Everyone, Needing some assistance from all of you hummer Guru's in the USA :thumbs: Question 1: I have the Rancho 4" Lift in my 07 H3 and I am in urgent need of the front diff support bush for the Rancho kit, Does anyone have access to these bushes and know who or where could possibly...
  13. USMC_315

    Key Stuck in Ignition?

    So the other day I was on my way to get lunch and after parking in the parking lot I put the truck in park and tried to turned it off. The engine turned off, however I wasn't able to completely turn it off, the radio and stuff was still on. After 10 minutes of trying to caress the key out, I...
  14. Jeremy

    H3 Engine Vibration [ Steering Wheel + Center Console ]

    Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?Problem:ONLY when I am idled (red light/stop sign/drive-thru, etc...) my steering wheel vibrates like its trying to fall off. Sometimes when I turn the A/C on it stops or as soon as I touch the gas pedal. The vibration has gotten so bad that...
  15. Jeremy

    New dude from TN. Whats up?

    I'm joining this forum because I have tons of questions on my vehicle that only Hummer owners can answer for me. I got my Hummer in February this year so it's still so new to me.
  16. R

    Hello? Is anyone here?

    I live in northern Virginia and looking to go out off road. I know of a few places and was wondering if anyone else is up here who possibly knows of some more trails... not to mention I wouldn't want to run the risk of getting stuck by myself
  17. R

    What's up your a$$?

    I've noticed recently that most other Hummer brothers don't wave. I'm not asking to do all the stupid sh*t jeep people do, but when you're sitting right next to me at a stoplight in your hummer and then scoff at me when I'm just saying wasup, wtf? am I asking for too much?
  18. R

    What does your H2 look like?

    First off, I kinda just want to see what every one has. Also I need some things to do to mine cause all I have are some bigger tires and rims, which isn't enough in my opinion. Here's what I got....
  19. A

    Wanted: U/LE steps for H2

    Hello people , As in the topic , a step package is needed , I'm working on upgrading my H2 to be more tough  4 steps , pay by visa or what ever , shiping to NY PM me if you got some.
  20. R

    Graphs of Hummer Prices across Model Years

    Here are some useful graphs: Hummer H1 prices across model years: http://cargraph.com/usa/hummer/h1 and the same for Hummer H2: http://cargraph.com/usa/hummer/h2 The yellow dots show hummers recently listed for sale across the USA. The grey dots are older than six days. I hope you find this...