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  1. Grimmjow

    Aftermarket Tail Lights (Post Pics!)

    Anyone here have any experience with aftermarket tail lights? Just noticed recently that my back left one was full of condensation and it gives me a good excuse to just replace them both. I'd like to find something that somewhat replicates the look of an H1 tail light without doing some major...
  2. zackcrum

    Gobi Ranger lighting. Lets see your setup

    Since i bought my h3 I have wanted a Gobi rack. Well the Hummer gods opened the doors for me recently and i was able to pick up a slightly used Ranger from a car dealership. The new owner of a red alpha LOADED with chrome didnt want the rack and ladder previously installed. a friend of a friend...
  3. SchoonerDriver

    Driver Side Window Switches

    For some reason I don't know why but when the switches light up in my cabin at night like the window and lock switches, my driver side ones don't light up. Could there be a bulb out? If so is it possible for me to just pop a new bulb in? Thanks!