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marker lights

  1. L

    H3 Yet Another LED Light Bar Thread! Also Fixed Roof Marker Lights

    Why, you may ask, would someone post another thread about how they installed a 50" LED light bar from G2 LEDs on their H3? Well, a few reasons: 1) I also fixed my roof marker lights, and I'll describe that here at some point 2) I did a lot of extra work to review wiring diagrams and connect to...
  2. RamRod

    WTS H3 Clear Side Marker Light - Never Used $15

    I got a pair of "new" (never used) clear side marker lights that came with the clear LED Market lights that I recently installed on my rig.... Not going to be using them so I thought I would pass them on to someone else who would. I see that they sell on eBay for $30+S&H, so I am looking to get...
  3. R

    H3 Marker lights on H3?

    Is there anywhere I can get the marker lights on the roof like the H2 has, I'm looking at an H3 but it doesn't have the marker lights above the wind shrink like I want. I want good quality stuff not stick ons like I've seen. More specially, does anyone know where I can get the eom part that gym...