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  1. rascole

    Motor mount help on I5.

    I searched and found only 2 threads that talk about replacing the motor mounts on an I5. Who has done it and how difficult is it? I already have the inner fender wells out and figured now is a good time to access the mounts, they look pretty cracked. Does the engine need to be supported...
  2. humvee

    My 5.3 Engine swap

    Sold my engine and signed a contract that states it has to be out by Dec 15. Also rented a Wrangler YJ for the duration of this build. I work in Film production, so my schedule is quite hectic and my mechanical knowhow isn't anywhere near where it should be for this sort of build. Hoping to get...
  3. Jeremy

    H3 Engine Vibration [ Steering Wheel + Center Console ]

    Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?Problem:ONLY when I am idled (red light/stop sign/drive-thru, etc...) my steering wheel vibrates like its trying to fall off. Sometimes when I turn the A/C on it stops or as soon as I touch the gas pedal. The vibration has gotten so bad that...