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new member

  1. D

    Greetings from NH!

    Greetings Y'all! Finally have a hummer of my own (tired of driving my family's stock one ;)) Spent the last year gearing up and making it my own. Coming up on 127k miles any suggestions on maintenance? Next weekend i want to get it ready for the winter so i assume the usual of plugs, wires, belts?
  2. Gruz7

    Rhode Island !!

    Just joined.. '04 H2 Adventure
  3. J

    Rookie from Socal!

    I have a Yellow 06 H3! I recently made a rookie mistake of getting new tires before thinking about how big they should have been since I would like to lift my H3! I'm not mechanically savvy so any help you guys can provide I'm all ears!:) I had read on here about leveling an H3 by doing a...
  4. M

    Newbie / oldie ....gotta be new in hummer town...!!!

    I kept seeing this h3 lux sitting behind my local used car dealer... Curiosity got the best of me...i finally stopped to check it out !!! Super, super clean, but super high miles...being detailed to go to auction..:( drove great, all new tires....long story made short : Cash still talks !! Got...
  5. southernhummerguy

    New guy (sort of) from South Carolina

    Hey everybody! This sight has been my life saver numerous times ever since I bought my H3. I originally signed up this past summer, but with the fix and everything I had to rejoin. It's all good though because I'm excited to see all the new stuff and continue getting valuable information that...