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new owner

  1. Brutal669x

    Finally purchased a real 4x4 (H3)

    Hello everybody, it took several years to get here, but I purchased my first Hummer last week. I bought a 2008 Hummer H3 Luxury trim line with the 3.7 motor. I love this thing, but some frustration does exist. Okay, mine did come with an owners manual, I've read what seemed like the pertiant...
  2. O

    Future owner... Need advice.

    Hey, I live in Hutchinson, ks. My wife and I would really enjoy getting an H3. I found a super clean 2006 deluxe hummer, 114,000 miles. $11,500. Radiator replaced but heads are stock. I checked the Vin and it is effected by the problematic heads. Do they have an update for the...