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  1. ludevick

    H3 2006 H3 ticking sound

    Hey all, This is my first post, apart from the newbie introduction, so if this is not the right place for this type of thread excuse me. To make a long story short i started hearing a rapid ticking coming from the front of my 06 H3, that got louder under load, and thought it may be the classic...
  2. M

    H3 Rubbing Noise while Turning

    My 2008 H3 Alpha V8 with 65K miles intermittently makes a rubbing noise when turning at slower speeds. I've had it into three dealers numerous times and of course, when there it behaves itself, or will make the noise but never long enough to solved. It happens more often during 5-10 MPH left...
  3. R

    A/C is Ticking?

    Hey guys, it seems like it's one thing after another, so the other day I noticed a ticking noise from the engine bay. Not knowing what it was I tried to inspect but couldn't figure out what it was. Today on my way into the gym I rode with the windows open and realized when I parked that the...
  4. D

    H3 Rattle near fan when idle and at normal operating temp. only

    2007 132,000 miles Hummer Service did head job, within a week a rattle began only when idle and when eng is at normal operating temp. That's to say when its cold and until the temp reaches normal, no rattle. Same if driving... no rattle. The rattle comes from the fan/front engine upper area...
  5. R

    Creaking Noise from Front End?

    Hey guys lately I've been noticing a creaking noise from the front end that has been getting progressively louder the past couple of months. I can especially hear it when I'm driving through my neighborhood or parking the car. I just want to make sure its nothing serious.