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  1. 6

    09 H3T Alpha Parts

    So had a bit of a catastrophe with my 09 Alpha adventure H3T. While parking in my driveway, something literally went sideways and now the truck is screwed. Basically there was a failure in the front diff that caused the t-case to crack. I'm in BC Canada and found a t-case through rock auto US...
  2. H

    Full Rebuild 08 3.7L H3 Adventure Package

    Hey fellow H3 lovers! Currently working on a total rebuild of our 08 3.7L Hummer H3. Reaching out to all those left fighting to keep the H3 around for the long haul! Here’s a bit of our journey, I appreciate anyone willing to read and send specific experienced suggestions. I’ve had a 08 H3...
  3. Gent

    H3 Driveshaft CV 2006 H3 replacement

    Hi gang, I recently replaced my front wheel bearing hub assemblies, as they were past due. Once they were finally quiet, I realized that I can now hear the driveshaft cv complaining so I'll be changing that next. My questions for you are if you have recommendations for parts, and if you have...
  4. 08Alpha

    Spare parts for the trail

    Just started doing a few mods to the 3 so I can get it trail ready still have a few things to get. UCP and sliders top the list. I am also wanting to put together a spare parts kit. I have seen the carnage with Busted tierods, hoses and such. I'm looking for some input.
  5. 06PullUouT

    H3 Alpha center console

    Anyone have the part number for the center bottom console with the "change holder"? I believe it only came on the Alphas? TIA Deryl
  6. reaper

    H3 Parting Out in Denver (not mine, but can assist)

    Found this ad on Craiglist and called the guy. http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/2842130115.html It's in storage, I'm really only interested in the speakers (mine are blown) and the rear cupholder. If you need something, I'd be glad to assist. He seems willing to make a deal on a lot of things...
  7. reaper

    WTS FS: 2006 H3 Front Diff (alluminum from Adventure Series)

    For sale is a perfectly good aluminum differential from my 2006 Adventure H3. (fyi: I put in a cast iron diff w/locker. AFAIK this is in perfect condition.) Make an offer!!!! Part is located in Denver. It's crated so we could arrange shipping or transport to/from Moab.