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  1. F

    Bed Rack identity

    Ran across this photo. . . Anyone know which rack this is? I think I will pick one up if they are available.
  2. R

    WTS ARB rack for sale MI

    Hello, I am selling my ARB rack. Fitting kit comes with it so it's ready for buyer to use. it measures 87/44 inches. Cross bar no mesh floor. https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/arb-roof-rack-mounting-kit-3768010/_/R-BHWQ-3768010...
  3. F

    NEW H3 OEM Power Steering Rack w/16mm Upgraded Tie Rods NIB

    Hello all, I have been lurking here since I bought my H3 in Jan of this year but due to unforseen mechanical problems with her I ended up with another vehicle :whaa::whaa::whaa: One of my first upgrades was going to be replacing the power steering rack and pump as they were leaking and step up...
  4. zackcrum

    Gobi Ranger lighting. Lets see your setup

    Since i bought my h3 I have wanted a Gobi rack. Well the Hummer gods opened the doors for me recently and i was able to pick up a slightly used Ranger from a car dealership. The new owner of a red alpha LOADED with chrome didnt want the rack and ladder previously installed. a friend of a friend...
  5. rascole

    Roof rack opinions???

    Well, I have finally started my roof rack project for my H3. It is going to be 50" x 76" x 4". But before I have my friend actually start welding I would like some input on 2 different things. 1. Aluminum vs Steel?? My fab friend, fabricator not fabulous. Suggests aluminum over steel strictly...
  6. alrock

    Scorpworks Steering Rack Bracket -six months in and still going strong!

    I've had Preferred Chassis Fabrication's Scorpworks Steering Rack Bracket on my H3 for six months now. And it's still an awesome upgrade. The steering in my H3 has been an on and off drama. Anyone remember the intermediate steering shaft issues back in 06 and 07? Took a few trips to the dealer...
  7. E

    WTS 2007 HUMMER H3 *priced low*76k mi, tan leather luxury, 4x4, gobi rack $17250 in OK

    2007 HUMMER H3 w/ only 76,200 miles in EXCELLENT condition. Luxury package, tan leather, driver and passenger power / heated seats, black grill guard, black side steps, tow package, GOBI roof rack and rear ladder, Hercules Trail Digger tires (285/75/r16) + rear door mounted spare. 3.7L...
  8. alrock

    Check out the hi-beams on that rack!

    Thanks to Tim at Expedition Hardware :cheers: for getting me this Gobi and these Rigid Lights. If I didn't have Tim do the ordering I think I'd be sitting here all frustrated that I didn't get the right mounts, correct setup, etc . The Rigid Lights come with complete wiring harness from switch...
  9. alrock

    Checking out Cotilo's rack

    Was able to look when Luis wasn't in the room - hot! Best looking mall-crawler around. We put the rack and ladder on Cotilo's truck on Saturday afternoon. It looks great! That Gobi is solid and so easy to install.