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  1. H

    Full Rebuild 08 3.7L H3 Adventure Package

    Hey fellow H3 lovers! Currently working on a total rebuild of our 08 3.7L Hummer H3. Reaching out to all those left fighting to keep the H3 around for the long haul! Here’s a bit of our journey, I appreciate anyone willing to read and send specific experienced suggestions. I’ve had a 08 H3...
  2. rascole

    H3 radiator transmission cooler exposed.

    Well was a little bored today so I cut open my old OEM radiator to look at the transmission cooler. Wow that thing is small (that's what she said). I understand thermal dynamics but the darn thing only holds a few ounces of liquid.
  3. CaseyS

    I'll take your busted radiator.

    For $0 cash and I'll pay the shipping. I need one for an intercooler mockup.
  4. alrock

    H3 Transmission Cooler Thread Number 3 - install with pictures

    Better late than never in joining the party, right? Reloader and I installed a transmission cooler in my H3 today, about a week after he did one in his. One of his primary concerns was that maybe he bought a two small of a cooler and after a bit of research, it appears that the 14,400 BTU ones...
  5. alrock

    H3 Radiator replacement procedure

    This procedure is essentially the same for the 3.5, 3.7 and 5.3, though I've been told the 5.3 does not have the slip shroud on the fan shroud, and that the cooling fan must be removed. Note that pictures from two different radiators are used in this post. Remove skid front splash shield Drain...