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roof lights

  1. E

    Hello thanks for letting me in the forum.

    Hello my name is Ernie, thanks for letting me in the forum. I purchased an 08 Hummer H3 Luxury Edition about 4 months ago and I'm loving it. I was hoping someone could help me find Hummer H3 Off road fog lamps roof mounted kit. I believe Hummer part # 19171860 If anyone could point me in the...
  2. J

    Roof lighting questions

    So I have the stock Roof lights that came with the Adventure Pkg, I was wondering what my options would be for changing the lights to HIDs (would it fit) or can I take those lights out and put in a set of led pods? I want to make all my lights match or at least kinda match and think it would...
  3. J

    Changing the bulb on roof lights and replacing a Bump Stop

    Alright so when I went to the desert apparently one of my bump stops ripped off and now I need to replace it but I'm not too sure if its literally just a bolt straight through or if its going to be more complicated than that So if anyone has changed it before I would appreciate the help!! Also...
  4. rascole

    FS - OEM Off Road roof lights. 19171860

    To my dismay, I am selling the roof mounted lights, part number 19171860, minus the wiring harness. I bought these last year with the grill lights and installed the wiring harness, switches, and grill lights. I was just waiting to find the time to finish the roof lights. So this weekend I...