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spare tire

  1. M

    Spare Tire License Plate Mount

    New to the forum so bear with me if any of the pictures don’t show up properly but I though I would make a post about a recent project that I did on my H3. Between trail driving and even car washes I have noticed that the license plate on my H3 likes to get caught and bent on things and I always...
  2. Shrubf4

    H3 spare Chrome wheel F/S/T

    Re-running this. Up for grabs today is a stock Chrome wheel for an H3. It looks like it was never used so it has no road rash and it's just taking up space right now. $80 or trades -Roof rails -The larger half of the UCP -Hunner skids -Just offer other neat stuff
  3. K

    WTB H3 Spare tire cover - Black - Full enclosure

    Looking to buy the H3 spare tire cover. Looking to buy the enclosure version, not the one with the vinyl band that wraps the tire.
  4. H

    Free to good home - Spare Tire Carrier - one stripped bolt

    Just putting this out there if anyone is interested. Good Ol' 4 WHEEL PARTS managed to do a superbly crappy job on my new wheel/tire install and in the process they stripped one of the bolts on the spare carrier. Highpoint: They said they were unable to fix it and stepped up and replaced it with...
  5. mightyepp

    Secure Spare on Roof

    For those who have your spare tire on your roof rack, how do you secure it? I just have mine chained, but looking for other options.