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  1. T

    Engine dies at stop sign

    Need help figuring this one out. Yesterday the wife and I took off to go shopping. Two blocks from house came to a stop sign and the entire truck just shut off. I mean engine dies radio still on. Place in park, try to restart and nothing. Turning the key to run and check engine light is the...
  2. E

    H3 engine cut-out/stumble/stall problem

    I just picked up an 06 3.5l 5spd with 125K and am having some issues with the engine cutting out/stalling when driving. Most of the time it happens when I'm taking off from stand still, but sometimes while accelerating too. 1) when standing still, I let out the clutch, the rig starts to move...
  3. J

    H3 H3 "almost dies" right after start up PLEASE HELP

    This is my first post on this forum site. I love the site and it has helped me on numerous occasions so I thought I would post my own problem to try and get some feedback. I have a 2008 H3 with almost 52,000 miles. For about the last year or so, occasionally (and I stress occasionally) my H3...
  4. autumn walker

    Truck stalls when placed in drive

    This has happened twice this week on me now - both "very" cold times - once the other morning and now this evening. I start the truck after it has been sitting (cold). I let it warm up for a minute, shift into reverse, back out of my driveway, come to complete stop, shift into drive...