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  1. 6

    H3T 2009 H3T Alpha - Stereo Replacement

    So I finally decided to replace my factory deck. I have an H3T Alpha with the factory 6-disc changer, I've done some reading but with all the H3 & H3T variations it's a bit confusing. I replaced the door speakers last fall, ran into a surprise with the 4-wire rear 6x9's but they seem to be...
  2. C

    H3 Monsoon Head Unit Upgrade

    Hello, I have a 2006 Hummer H3 with the 6 CD-Monsoon sound system. I would like to replace the head unit and keep the rest of the system in place (already upgraded the speakers and sub with high end Pioneers). What integration adapter do I need to keep the Monsoon amplifier functional as...
  3. SayeBrandt

    What size stero fits in the h3?

    I want to change out the stereo in my h3 but don't know what size fits or if I need something to make it fit properly. Does a 6.2" fit?