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  1. USMC_315

    Alpha Front Diff Questions

    So I picked up an entire front diff/axle off of an Adventure packaged I5 from Rascole a while back. It's finally about to be installed, but I have a couple of things I want to verify before I accidentally tell my shop the wrong thing... I understand that Adventure packaged I5's come with a cast...
  2. E

    Greetings from Bend!

    Greetings! Thank you for being here and reading my intro! I just picked up a White 2006 H3 with the manual 5spd with 126K and am totally digging it! Although...I did pick up a bit of project with the 06... haha! The head issue was never handled during the warranty period, so it's gonna be a...
  3. O

    Broke my front diff in my 2003 H2 last weekend at BMR. I need advise!!!!!

    Anyone ever do a straight axle swap on a H2? I've read you can use a dodge 3/4 ton front axle. I have 4:10 gears and eventually going to do a duramax swap! Thanks in advance, Oklahummer
  4. humvee

    My 5.3 Engine swap

    Sold my engine and signed a contract that states it has to be out by Dec 15. Also rented a Wrangler YJ for the duration of this build. I work in Film production, so my schedule is quite hectic and my mechanical knowhow isn't anywhere near where it should be for this sort of build. Hoping to get...