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transfer case

  1. 6

    09 H3T Alpha Parts

    So had a bit of a catastrophe with my 09 Alpha adventure H3T. While parking in my driveway, something literally went sideways and now the truck is screwed. Basically there was a failure in the front diff that caused the t-case to crack. I'm in BC Canada and found a t-case through rock auto US...
  2. M

    H3 Transfer Case Issue Help

    So recently my 06 H3 had an issue in the transfer case where I would put it in 4-low, would hear it click in, and then right back out (while the car is in neutral). This would then throw a "Service 4WD" code on my dash that I ran as a "encoder circuit malfunction" and an "A/B motor circuit...
  3. A

    Preparing for the dreaded shift fork replacement

    Hello all, my '06 H3 apparently has the dreaded plastic shift fork. I'm planning to replace it soon and seems like a fairly straight forward job but wanted to get some deeper insight as to what I might find or deal with during the process. I have already purchased the new shift fork and will be...
  4. M

    H3 2006 Hummer H3, front differential issues and question regarding 2wd

    As noted in the title this is in regards to a 2006 Hummer H3, it is a 3.5l I5 w/4l60e; I am fairly certain the trim is a Luxury package though not 100%. On to the problem, a damaged front diff bushing was replaced with what was supposed to be the correct aftermarket bushing rather than buy...
  5. C

    2006 H3 Driveline Noises

    Hi, looking for insight on driveline noises. Yesterday, suddenly have scraping, grating, grinding noise in 1st or Reverse under acceleration and any gear under deceleration. No noise when after shift to 2nd, 3rd, 4th. No noise in N either rolling or parked. no noise in P. No noise when...
  6. T

    H3 Transfer Case Control Module

    I'm having trouble finding the exact part number for a Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) for my 2006 H3. If anyone knows the part number, that would be great. Also, I will be installing it myself and wanted to know how exactly to get to the module. Do I need to remove the right side dash...
  7. N

    H3 H3 3.7 I5 Rattling from transmission ??????Any ideas .

    hey guys , So earlier today i went to start my h3 up to take her out and run some errands. Well i didnt notice this till i got to the gas station but there was a rattle coming from under the truck it sounds like some bolts in a can being rattled around .my first thought was maybe the heat...
  8. reaper

    I want to replace the TCase shift controls (bypassing the computer)

    Has anyone done this? Any reason not to? I'd like to bypass the computer, so whenever you press the damn buttons, the tcase shifts. I don't want the shifter to ask the computer "if it's okay to shift or not". I just want the f'er to shift! For example, right now I've got an ABS fault and it...
  9. Steve #1

    H3 Transfer Case Issue - No Front Drive?

    Question for those that have more intimate knowledge of the H3 transfer case than I do. Driving in to work on the freeway tonight I hit a little bump in the road, heard a little clunk and a rattle then my RPMs shot up and had no power to the wheels. After coasting off the road I found I had no...
  10. M

    Transfer case

    Have owned my H3 for two months now an the transfer case went out last sunday. Have a new one on the way, was wondering if anyone had an idea of what kind of fluid to put back in thats better then the one that comes in it. Any help would be great.
  11. reaper

    Speed sensors and ABS will block your TCase from shifting

    Good news: I'm back. :) The Hummer was parked for about a year with several things wrong... rebuilt my driveshaft, replaced my exhaust and cracked manifold, and a few other things. The rear wheel speed sensor was out and an ABS fault light was on, PLUS the transfer case wouldn't shift to lock or...
  12. K

    Loud whine from????

    Hey guys, I need some help. 2005 H2 SUV i've got a loud (ish) whine coming from somewhere ??? Sounds like the front seat forward but I can' t pinpoint it. i can hear it from inside but rolling down the windows doesn't help. I, ve had my son drive it while I walked along and also rode on the...
  13. B

    H3 Humming/roaring sound during accleration

    So I just got my H3 from a private seller here in MT. During my test drive, I heard a sound but it sounded like the tires so I ignored it. I was told they replaced the transfer case and rear differential, blah blah blah... Come to find out it isn't the tires... During accleration, there is a low...
  14. B

    Wanted to buy RANCHO Lift for H3 and 4:1 t-case

    If anyone has solid leads or has the parts please let me know. Thanks!
  15. autumn walker

    Swapping 2WD/4WD transfer case into H2

    Anyone know if this is possible? I have a line on a (free) 2WD/4WD transfer case out of a 2500 HD truck. I'm not sure the year or if it was GMC / Chevrolet, but I'm told it's the same dimensions as my AWD/4WD case, just this one allows for 2WD only. My initial thought was "doubler", but I'm now...
  16. reaper

    Craigslist Rebuilt non-adventure transfer case in Denver: $275

    This is ridiculuously cheap. It's not the adventure case, but the parts are all the same EXCEPT for the hub and hi/low carrier (which are about $100 and $600 each...). Would be cheaper than buying new replacement parts OTHER than those parts in most cases. Search Denver craigslist for "hummer...
  17. reaper

    H3 Damn... another transfer case failure???? no 4 wheel low when I need it.

    Once more, my h3 decided she HATES 4wheel-low, and refused to go into low to get up the hill to get me home. She left me and my family stranded at Bill Moore Lake, and I had to have a jeep pull me up the hill. Talk about embarrassing!!!! We did get home, thanks to some college kids and Kaleb...
  18. L

    T-Case slow leak

    The t-case on my '97 seem to have a slow leak, about 1 - 2 drops a week. To me, being the layman I am, that doesn't seem like very much. Does this fall in the "normal for an H1" category?