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winch mount

  1. rascole

    Hawse fairlead mounting position?

    I am mounting my hawse fairlead on my H3 with the hidden winch set up. The fairlead sits horizontal with the center of the winch drum. My question is should the hawse style fairlead sit more inline with the area of the rope wrapping on the drum? This would at least keep the rope from always...
  2. rascole

    Rascole's hidden winch install.

    So I finally got around to start my install of my Schwarttzy hidden winch. I have had a very bust weekend schedule with kids in sports and work. It is only half way done but I should have it completed no later than Thanksgiving weekend, the last weekend of my sons football. I was going to...
  3. SickStringC

    Weekend Winch Project

    Winch arrived in mail last week ... Winch mount solutions seemed weak, so I decided to come up with my own - with a little help from a friend. (Saturday) Trial and error are always an element when it comes to designing something new. We made good progress day 1. On top of finishing the...
  4. pbarnes

    WTB H3 Front Winch Mount

    Hello, I'm looking for an H3 Front winch mount for my beast! I've seen the ones Circuitguy or CBphoto has for sale. I'm thinking that 468 is a little higher than I would like to pay for one. If someone would be kind enough to send me some dimensions or lots of photo's I'd like to take a stab...
  5. 08SolarFlareH3

    H3 DOI Winch Mount

    I know there are a few people on here, so who has em? If you got one post up a short review on how you like it and how its holding up. Pictures wouldn't be a bad thing either :wink: