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  1. Gent

    High Output Alternator recommendations

    Hi gang, I have an Warn M8000 winch tucked inside a Defelice winch mount. I've noticed that the Warn dips into the battery under load, and I'd like to get a high output alternator to help with the issue. I've searched the forums, but I haven't seen any posts about this upgrade. Anybody have...
  2. A

    WTS 2006 Hummer H3 For Sale

    I am reluctantly selling our 2006 Hummer H3. We found out we have another little one on the way and needed more room for the family. That being said I am posting up our Hummer. It has been a very great rig and I would much rather NOT sell it, but I don't have much of a choice. The specs are...
  3. H

    Selling my winch and mounting brackets for $300, Detroit Mi.

    Selling my winch and mounting brackets for $300, Detroit Mi area. Search on Craig’s list for : H3 HIGH-MOUNT WINCH MOUNT BRACKET / 2006-2010 HUMMER H3 & H3T & CHAMPION WINCH
  4. A

    Custom Predator Style Brush Guard and Winch Basket

    Selling for $1550 with winch or $1350 without Local preffered
  5. rascole

    Hawse fairlead mounting position?

    I am mounting my hawse fairlead on my H3 with the hidden winch set up. The fairlead sits horizontal with the center of the winch drum. My question is should the hawse style fairlead sit more inline with the area of the rope wrapping on the drum? This would at least keep the rope from always...
  6. RickStang

    H3 Winch mount with pics/measurements

    Hi guys! Thought I'd share my winch mount with you guys The base plate that bolts onto the D-rings is 36 1/2" x 3 1/8" The plate on which the winch sits (welded to the base plate) is 22" x 10" The plate the fairlead is bolted to is 22" wide x 7" tall everything is 1/2" thick what I...
  7. spillKill

    winches or tow strap?

    just wondering how many of you guys have winches vs tow straps? and also is it worth getting a winch, i see they can be on up there in price. or is it better to just buy a tow strap for a 4th the price haha and also tell me what brand you use in either one just trying to get a feel on which...
  8. pbarnes

    WTB H3 Front Winch Mount

    Hello, I'm looking for an H3 Front winch mount for my beast! I've seen the ones Circuitguy or CBphoto has for sale. I'm thinking that 468 is a little higher than I would like to pay for one. If someone would be kind enough to send me some dimensions or lots of photo's I'd like to take a stab...
  9. autumn walker

    Connecting Winch Power to H2

    When you guys hook up the power to your winch do you hook directly to the battery or do you use the remote terminal by the engine? The manual says to hook everything up to the remote terminal... the winch says directly to the battery... which is best?
  10. CNY750Rider

    Recon Winch

    I am about to pull the trigger on this kit in the coming days: http://truckandwinch.com/recon-10-500-lbs-premium-winch-kit.html The price point will allow me to snag up some other items for my mod list like hunner skids, air compressor, tire deflators and some ucp. I've read many great reviews...
  11. L

    Wheel chocks

    What is everyone using? I'm looking around for a set that can hold my truck, especially while winching.
  12. reaper

    Winch rebuild help -MileMarker SE9500c

    I took my winch apart (not entirely on purpose... I sure didn't mean to take THESE parts out...) in order to tap the threads on the drum. But when I took the drum out, these parts came out and I wasn't able to tell how to put them back together. These parts don't even show on the rebuild parts...