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  1. Outlaw Son

    H3 Schematics / Diagrams - Specifically Radio but I'll take any and all!

    Hey folks, Wade Quinton here, yes...the Outlaw Son! Just don't say that to my Momma, she doesn't like that her son is Billy the Kid. Haha... On a serious note, I stumbled onto this forum looking for some schematics for my 2006 H3 radio. In short, I have two Hummer H3's. One is my off road...
  2. N

    H3 Help pls... Nexus7 + GMOS-04 + Headunit replacement

    Hi all gurus, I am planning to replace the stock headunit and replace it by Nexus 7. So I've ordered Axxess GMOS-04 harness. :link: I've connected all the wires as per the manual and got some idea from this youtube video :link:. But now I am stuck with few questions/confusions (sorry I am not...
  3. southernhummerguy

    Replacement AM/FM antenna with CB

    Just strolled upon this antenna on amazon. Supposedly, it replaces the stock AM/FM antenna and adds the functionality of a CB antenna. I already have a CB antenna installed on the opposite side of the stock radio antenna, so my first question is: 1) Would it be possible to hook up both for a...
  4. rascole

    Firewall fitting. Part 2.

    So after spending some time on my back under the dash looking for the ideal location to drill away. I'm pretty anal when it comes to poking holes in the wrong place. Found that the sound proofing already pre-cut for where the clutch plate would mount to next to the hood release cable...
  5. southernhummerguy

    PLEASE HELP! Need radio off when ignition is off!

    Okay, so I searched the all mighty interweb and basically found nothing that addresses how to fix my problem. I have the monsoon sound system as well as an aftermarket sub-woofer and amp. I wired the remote "on" wire for the amp to the "on" wire in the head unit. This was fine and dandy until my...