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1993 H1 Hummer Wagon Duramax Conversion


Selling our 93 Duramax Conversion with 550HP and 1,000ft/lbs of torque, featured in a recent HumveeLife video "MADuraMAX" https://youtu.be/pUQ717W6R2Y

This is a very well done conversion. The exterior has been kept OEM style, but what's under the hood packs a rare, massive, Howitzer-like punch. The 93 all-black and custom leather interior allows for greater visibility than other later-year H1 Hummer trucks and an incredibly desirable look. This was a daily driver and has been meticulously taken care of.

-6.6L Duramax LMM 550HP and 1,000ft/lbs torque
-RapTorque Computer upgrade
-6 Speed Stage 4 Allison Transmission (can handle up to 600HP)
-Predator Intercooler
-High Performance Aluminum Radiator
-RapJet High Performance Fuel Injectors
-Alpha Hummer 12" Brake Kit
-2" body lift
-4" Predator exhaust
-12K Half Shaft Kit
-2WD/4WD Predator Tcase
-Repainted in Brilliant White
-Upgraded AC
-New Nitto Tires with 50,000 mile warranty.
-Ravelco Anti Theft Device
-Custom black leather and black interior
-New seats
-During Predator conversion entire truck was restored and rebuilt.
-All receipts have been kept from Predator Conversion which details each line item.
-Doors can be removed on this truck.
-Only 612 trucks were made in 1993, the first year the trucks were sold through dealerships (stats from Lynch Hummer)

Just a couple of fun features. Selling as we need the dollars to put toward the construction of our new home.

$75,000 OBO


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